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I can smell a true sissy from a mile away and last weekend was no exception. I met Nick at a party. Now I call him Nicole. That’s because he was trying to pass himself off as a gentleman that was masculine and into women. I sniffed out his sissiness right off the bat. But, I didn’t say anything immediately, I just listened to him all night. Then  got his number and he got mine. He texted me and asked me out for drinks. I accepted, but I picked a local gay bar that had a drag show scheduled for the night. It was time for me to drag the true sissy out of my sweet “Nick”.

True Sissy

We had some drinks and I commented on how pretty the drag girls were. I told him that I enjoy feminization and that I would like to see him dressed up. He tried to act appalled at the suggestion. Finally, he admitted that he was curious and that he had three pairs of panties that he had ordered online.

Poor, sweet Nicole, I gave her a crash course in being a woman. Now she is on hormones and on her way to becoming fully Nicole. Who knew a conversation about feminization phone sex would lead a sissy into taking the steps to becoming a woman? She just needed someone to tell her it was OK to be a sissy in panties, and it was OK to be a trans woman in panties.

Her boobs get so tender now that they are growing in. The one thing that makes it feel better is cum. She gets a couple of guys and sucks them off until they cum on her budding tits. She has turned into quite the cock whore, actually. How much cum do you want to get on your face and body? I’ll turn you into a sissy cum dump.

How far will you go into womanhood, sissy? How far will you feminize?

Lucy xx
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