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Your Little Nub Doesn’t Equal A Dick

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Are you seriously trying to pass off that little nub of skin as a dick? Absolutely not. The only thing that thing is good for is small penis humiliation phone sex.

Oh, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you got naked in front of a girl for the first time. Even though you were both younger, she still knew enough to know that you’d never be able to please a woman. Did she laugh you out of the room right away, or was she nice enough to try and let you fuck her? Either way, I know that it must have been quite comical.

Little Nub

I can relate to the laughing at you. What I cannot relate to is someone letting you try to put your dick inside her. That would never happen with me. You’ll never get a piece of this pussy. I have to admit that even though I wouldn’t let you fuck me, I get great pleasure from thinking about it. And not for normal reasons.

The pleasure comes from how funny it would be to watch you try to somehow get your little weenie inside me. Trust me, there’s no position that will help you out. I’ll just be laughing hysterically while you try time and time again and get frustrated. But don’t worry. Even when men start out not enjoying humiliation, they eventually get to the point that they need it to even get hard. The same will be true for you, even if you think right now that it’ll never happen.

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