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You’ve tried to fight it. Go ahead be the “You” you want to be.  Going for years enjoying dressing up and learning to apply makeup. Buying beautiful wigs and even jewelry to have something come along and upsets the plan and everything is tossed.  Mostly it is when thinking you have fallen in love and can turn your back on You, but then learn that is not true.

It’s not inexpensive to be the kinda girl you want to be.  

The You, You Are

Does this sound familiar?  How many times has this happened?  I talk to many who have experienced this.  

How unhappyit must have been when deciding to let someone else decide your lifestyle to live.  Especially the ones that didn’t work out.  The ones that as soon as they were out of your life, you went back and replenished your stock of girly goods, and not to mention the toys you had to achieve the complete woman experience.

I can help by offering complete support and the guidance you need to stay strong and be the YOU.  It’s not going away, so just enjoy!  If there are obstacles too stressed to face; I can help. 

Hypnosis Will Help

Other than support and guidance; there is also hypnosis.  Hypnosis is very therapeutic.  It will help you relax and foresee situations that may arise and can help stay in the frame of mind to carry forward with being who YOU really are.  It also works in another way too.  If you must be a closet girl, it helps keep the tension down and let you enjoy your closet play.  

Be the YOU, you are and I can help!  I’m looking forward to our session.

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~