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Yoga For Cum Eaters


Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Okay, all you cum junkies! It’s yoga time! You know that no matter how good of a slut you are, sometimes it’s impossible to find a good dick to suck. Either your wife is always around or your work schedule is crazy. So it’s time for some self-care! And by that, I mean training your body to be flexible enough to allow you to swallow your own cum!

First, let’s start nice and easy! Feet shoulder-width apart, and no bend forward. Good, good. Can you touch your toes? Do you feel that stretch in the back of your legs? Right in the hammies? We gotta loosen those babies up so you can throw those legs in the air and spray your own jizz on your face! Did I mention yoga for cum eaters should be done naked? No? Well, it is so GET NAKED!

Yoga For Cum Eaters


Alright, since you are now naked, you should be able to look between your legs and see the object of your desire! I know not all of you girls are blessed with a big clit to play with, but some of you are! Trust me, I’ve seen ’em! If you have a small one, that’s okay; it’s possible for you to still produce enough volume and projection to achieve our goals!

Is everyone feeling all warmed up? Good, let’s bring it down to the floor and stretch onto our backs. Now, draw those legs up and scoot yourself up against a wall. Any wall. Bring those buttcheeks to the drywall. Good, now use your heels to push against the wall and thrust your hips out! That clitty should be dangly above our faces now, ladies! Let’s begin to pump it. Mouth open wide… and say “Awhhhh!” Give yourself that self-care cumload you’ve been craving for weeks!


Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357