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Voice Lessons For A Girly Girl

WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

Voice Lessons For A Girly Girl – You’ve been working on yourself for years. The makeup is on fleek. Your wardrobe is topnotch. You even have an incredible wig and shoe collection. Your tuck game is at elite level. When you are fully dressed it’s difficult to find even a trace of masculinity. You are just that convincing. Way to go girl. That’s a job well done. There’s only one thing. When you open your mouth you give yourself away every time. The tone is way too low and the inflection is manly.

Voice Lessons For A Girly Girl

This this why you really need me. I can work with you and teach you how to talk like a sexy girl. I am an expert at this because my voice is my moneymaker. Men cum to my voice daily. A well placed giggle or sexy sigh can melt a man. You just haven’t practiced this. You kind of forgot about it didn’t you?

It’s perfectly understandable that the voice never even occurred to you. I know you were caught up in all of the glam. I mean, makeup and clothes are so much fun. Who wouldn’t get distracted with all of that?

Once I train you to seduce and charm men with your voice you can strut around and show yourself off proudly. There will no longer be a weak link. And that will be thanks to me. It’s time to obtain the total package. Teaching you to use your voice and develop all of the feminine qualities we both know are hiding behind that manly surface will be so rewarding.

After you have completed your training you won’t have to lurk in the closet anymore. You can finally take center stage. You will love that attention. Yes, that is the real you.

WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230