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Training A Cocksucker

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Training a cocksucker is important. Practice Makes Perfect for a cocksucking sissy boy – This is so true when it comes to cocksucking. Of course, lots of “training” will be required since you want to be the perfect cocksucker. As with anything in life you need to be prepared to put in the work. A good sissy will be on his knees and fully prepared to learn.

Training A Cocksucker – Practice Makes Perfect

It is important for you to practice with all sizes of cock. This will help to train your mouth and throat to accommodate a plethora of cock. Once you have mastered that, there will be no cock that you can’t handle. Then we start the process of fine tuning and honing your skills. You will become addicted – obsessed if you will. Once you master the art of cocksucking, no doubt, you will want to suck every cock you encounter.

Every man you see will be fodder for your oral addiction. You will find your mind wandering and thinking about what kind of cock this one has or that one, etc. Your imagination will carry you away on an incredible journey.

You will find yourself sucking cock at the train station, in the gym locker room. Perhaps you will start sucking off your boss at work. That’s a sure way to secure that coveted promotion. There will be no lengths you won’t go to to find dick.

There will be one major side effect –  you will be unable to quench your thirst for cum or satiate your craving for cock. You will dream of sucking cock. It will become an endless cycle. You will learn all of the nuances involved. You will be able to discern exactly when he is about to cum. Time to train…

VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232