The Feminization of Todd Stanwick

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It began casually enough. Todd was sitting with his mother, yes, his beautiful mother….  Her features were patrician and perfect with just that touch of strangeness about the slant of her eyes that changes mere prettiness to beauty. Her hair was long and lush, her makeup exquisite. Even lounging on the divan, watching television with her son, she wore a designer dress that clung to her slim but luscious bodysoft, silky pantyhose and high heels. Beneath this, though Todd could not, of course see,  he knew from his furtive searches of her lingerie drawer, that she wore one of her many gorgeous matching bra and pantie sets. His mother always dressed to perfection, from the top of her head to the tips of her pedicured toes.

When the commercial for pantyhose came on the television, Todd didn’t realize the intensity of his gaze until he noticed his mother watching him with raised eyebrows and the vague disdain which was almost always part of her expression deepened into something very closely resembling contempt. “Son,” she said sternly, “why are you watching that commercial that way? It almost seems as though you want to wear pantyhose.”

“You would never want to dress like a girl, would you?”

Todd hung his head in shame but answered with a half-truth.

“Well, it might be fun to just try it. I mean, you always look so beautiful and…”

“Yes, of course I always look beautiful,” she said with an arrogance so customary it was almost a reflex. She raised her elegant, french manicured hand to her hair. “But I am a woman. And you are a boy.”

A horrible thought crossed her mind. Could her son possibly be a sissy? If so, it was one of her worst fears realized but with her customary cool composure, she handled it as she thought best.

“Well, if you shave your legs, paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, then we can discuss it.”

That would surely stop this ridiculous nonsense!

But no, it had the opposite effect.

Todd loved the way his face looked with plucked eyebrows. He loved the way his hands looked with nail polish. And more than anything else, he loved the way his legs felt free of hair. So smooth and silky, he thought utterly caught up in an indescribable sensation of pleasure as he ran his hands along his freshly shaved legs.

And then he put on a pair of the pantyhose he had stolen from his mother’s lingerie drawer and just putting them on made him have an orgasm, the most intense he had ever experienced.

What he did not know was that his mother was watching him from the door to his bedroom, the door she had opened just a crack to spy upon him.

Something would have to be done to stop this!

But what, she wondered. And then her full crimson lips curved in a cruel smile as she began to devise her plan to humiliate her son out of his desire to dress like a woman.

To Be Continued


Jasmine 1-844-332-2639 ext 262