The Feminization of Todd Stanwick-The Final Chapter

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He was silent as the women stood about him laughing and talking, making plans for the future of the person named Tara Stanwick. That person was him. He knew this on some level but again it was all a blur of sight and sound, as though his life was a movie on television and the reception kept going in and out.

“We are all nervous when we have new girls in the office,” Grace was saying. “You never know how they will fit in and measure up but Tara has developed and blossomed in so many more ways than we could ever have hoped.”

Grace beamed at him and continued.

“It really has been so lovely to have you around, Tara! And it isn’t just because of your pretty face! The fact is–we want to keep Tara on, Mrs. Stanwick. We are, of course, strongly supportive of affirmative action policies and having a transgender working for us! Why, it really is all the rage these days! And we want to promote Todd–er–Tara. And not just because she is a transgender. He has such potential! The company wants to pay for his continuing education and eventually for his–oh, dear me! I mean HER, of course–sexual reassignment surgery.

A slight frown puckered Mrs. Stanwick’s normally smoothly Botoxed brow.

“I–I don’t know what to say, really. I thought it was just a phase Todd was going through and–well, to be perfectly honest–I had hoped that as everything got more extreme–as I got more extreme with him, making him wear the panty girdle constantly, the corset training, all the appointments for permanent hair removal–the waxing, the plucking, the Epilady— the hair extensions, the acrylic nails, the dieting, the endless spin classes and learning to walk in those uncomfortable high heels, to say nothing of being eye candy for men! Well, I thought he would lose interest. But he didn’t lose interest. Why, even yesterday, I took him to the beauty parlour and got him a new set of nails and more body hair removal and even eyebrow arching. He could have said ‘no, I don’t want this’. He could have said it at any time but he didn’t. So, I am just going to have to accept it.”

Grace smiled again and patted Mrs. Stanwick’s immaculately French manicured hand.

“Oh, Mrs. Stanwick. I think you have been marvelous! Absolutely marvelous in the way you have supported Todd…”

At that moment, the girl who worked at the deli, the girl that Todd had had a crush on in what seemed now like a previous lifetime, arrived with their orders.

“There you go–Todd,” she smirked, placing his food before him with extravagant care, the mocking glint in her eyes confirming what he had long suspected–that she knew that it was Todd, that all along she had just been playing a malicious game with him, pretending not to see through his disguise.

“Oh dear,” said Grace, ruefully, ” I really must stop calling him Todd! From now on I will be certain to refer to you only as Tara and that will make it all so much easier once we complete the paperwork for the legal name change. The lawyers have it all drawn up back at the office so we no longer have to keep track of two names in our system and your records won’t have to be amended later.”

Todd noticed that the Deli girl was uncomfortably close by. She could hear every word. He burned with humiliation. 

“And then only a few more steps,” continued Grace blithely, “a group of very supportive people surrounded Tara–and then it will be time for the sex change. Oh, I mean to say, the gender reassignment surgery. Not the done thing to call it a SEX CHANGE these days, is it?”

Mrs. Stanwick nodded. “And really, I see now that it isn’t a sex change. It’s more like making nature’s wrongs right, if I may put it that way. I think all along he was a girl. And I always wanted a girl too.” His mother looked at him and smiled proudly, her eyes tearing, enough to make her look as though she were emotionally moved but not enough to ruin her perfectly applied eye-makeup. “And now I have one!”

The deli girl came back to the table. Her smile seemed genuine now.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but overhear. And–Oh. My. God. You have to do this! It’s so cool. Ever since Caitlyn Jenner did it–like–total RESPECT for transgenders!”

The three women smiled at him and then at each other and continued talking, making plans. It occurred to Todd that he had not said one word during the entire time his future was being mapped out for him and that the women did not even seem to be paying much attention to him. He had no control over anything and there would no going back.

It was as though Todd Stanwick had been erased.


MISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext. 262