Sexy Mall Sissy Phonesex

Sexy Blonde Teen Lifting Up Purple Tanktop and Wearing Denim Shorts

SUZIE 1-844-33-CANDY x 263

I work at the mall sometimes and see so many curious boys wander in! I luv telling them to stay and making them try on pretty girly clothes for me. You walk in the fitting room as a boy and come out as a girl! I make you look sexy! Let’s play dress up at the mall!!! You can’t be a sissy at home but you can do it with me!

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Sissy Party Girls Phonesex

Blonde Teen Sitting On Couch at Sissy Party

SUZIE 1-844-33CANDY x 263

I’m so bummed that my parents won’t let me go to my friend’s party alone. All my girlfriends are busy and can’t go! I mean like you’re kinda cool and all but not the type of guy who would get invited to this kind of party. Everyone calls you a sissy behind your back! No offense lol! OMGGGG!!! What if I dressed you up like a girl so you could come with me so my parents will let me go?! It will be so totally fun! You’re gonna be a sissy party girl!

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Dress Maker Feminization Phone Sex!

Dress Maker

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

Your only friend is the little girl next door that is obsessed with making dresses. The other boys don’t seem to like you very much. They taunt you in the hallways at school by calling you a fag and sissy boy. You’re thankful that Gabrielle is so kind to you. You both grew up together and are pretty much inseparable. One day she asks you to help her with a dress she was working on. You assumed that you’d be helping her cut fabric or pinning panels together… so you agreed to help her.

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