Phone Sex Poem for Sissies

Curly wig bouncing

Perfection at its best

Manicured and Painted nails

Definitely no less!

Sissy frills and thrills

Send a tingle up your spine

Your sissy hole begins to quiver

knowing you are mine

pantyhose and petticoats

what a panty slut you are!

lol. it’s not over yet

I’m not done with you by far

finally we top it off  with a pink and frilly dress

Now you serve me and only me

Your goddess,  your queen,  your mistress

Mistress Sherry


Sissy Training Classes Now In Session Phone Sex


Hello again sissy boys and girls. Time for round two of your training. Today, we are going to focus on dressing. You will learn the basics, such as…

* Learning how to shave that unwanted hair, no matter how many times you cut yourself, you must learn this.

* How to tuck that tiny clitty back in your panties.

* How to put on a bra

* How to do make up

* Finding the perfect wig for your outfit

* Finding the perfect outfit

* Painting nails and doing hair

There are so many things to learn sissy boys and girls, you better come over right away so we can begin our lessons. Oh, I want you all to wear a little school girl outfit when you show up for class. 🙂 See you soon sissies.

Teacher Rayne


Phone Sex Sissy For Lily To Fuck


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


Are you ready to get all dressed up for me? Don’t forget those sexy pink panties and matching lace bra to go with it. Don’t worry if you don’t have real breasts like my gorgeous tits. We can fashion you some.

Don’t forget to put on that long blonde wig so you can look like me, and then we’ll need to do your makeup. I think you need some tips on how to put it on. Foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and all the rest. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll look almost as sexy as I do.

Then once you’re all dressed up, I’m going to bend you over and turn you into my fuck slut with my big hard strap-on cock. I bet your little boypussy is soooo tight. I can’t wait to fuck it.

8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0

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Sissy Maid Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


I needed a butler to serve me, but when the applicant arrived he was much to girlish for a butler. So I directed him to the bedroom where he dressed up in my perfect little sissy maid outfit. Pink shoes, white stockings, pink dress and apron. Then I completed the look with lipstick, a wig and of course some sexy sheer panties.

I had my sissy maid serve both myself and my girlfriend, but she was a naughty maid and spilled the tea. Well I of course had to bend her over the table and punish her with my riding crop in front of my friend. Once she was bent over like that with her ass all red and her little pussy hole getting wet, I decided to use the special toys my friend brought over.

I fucked her slutty cunt right there over the table and watched as my girlfriend filled up her mouth with that big strapon cock. We fucked our little bitch so hard until that clitty came all over the table…. I may have to have her over for a second interview soon.

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Shopping Fun And Party Time Phone Sex

Well, come on there little sissy boy, Let’s not waste any time. Today we shall go shopping for a nice outfit for you to wear to My party tonight. You will be the star of the show. 🙂 Where shall we go? I know the perfect place. We will need to get you a sexy dress for the night, along with some nylons, panties, a bra and heels.

We will also need to find you a wig and I can do your make up. I think that should just about do it. So when we get to the store, I send you to the sales woman to ask if she could help you find the right size of dress. I want you to explain to her why you need a dress (for our party tonight). 🙂 Her jaw drops and she just stares, however, she still helps you because it is her job.

We have about 8 dresses for you to try on, in the ladies changing room of course. Finally, after a long time of thinking I decide on the sexy navy blue mini dress with the rhinestone chains going across the back. So we head over to the nylon and shoe department for the remainder of our items.

Again, you must ask the saleswoman to help you find the size you will need. Again she gives you a look of disgust making your cheeks get pink.

Want to finish our shopping trip, then I can tell you all about our party.




Phone Sex Something For My Sissy Boys


     Hello, my darling sissy boys, or shall I say girls? *giggles* I think tonight we need to play dress up and maybe order some food in. I can see it now you and I and maybe a few of my girlfriends playing dress up in our sexiest and sluttiest little outfits. You could borrow my favorite purple crushed velvet corset with purple silk panties. My black thigh highs would look great on you with a pair of 4 inch heels. MMM MM M You look like a pretty girl now, and I would say it is time to maybe order some pizza to celebrate.

   Let’s see a show of hands…(looking around) I think you may be outnumbered babe, we are ordering in tonight and I think it would only be proper for you to answer the door. Since you do look so good in those clothes I will let you wear my blonde wig. I am sure my friend Katrina would love to do your make up for you. Let’s see if we can make the delievery man think you are a woman. What do you say?

Miss Laylene