Sissilicious Phone Sex


Perfection, Smooth Body. Nice Tits. Gorgeous hair..

What more could you ask for? Come play with me,  feel my soft sensual body, feel what you aspire to look like… touch, taste.. lick..

Join the many who have taken the plunge into the taboo world of phone sex with a Tranny 🙂  I will blow your mind, and your load, and maybe even melt you heart.. But.. be careful! Its hard not to get A Dickded!

Come see if you have what it takes to make me happy :d



Sissy Phone Sex Training Underway

Sissy Training Week 2 is coming up.

Its not to late to sign up, please contact me for more info!!!

What : Classes that will specifically cater to you needs, focusing on issues that you may have with your sissy transformation, Giving you an opportunity to ask a Real Sissy questions, and to voice your concerns.

When: Whenever you can schedule a session into you busy schedule.. Very flexible hours 🙂

Where: In the chat room, or on the phone you pick 🙂

Why: Because every sissy needs a little help perfecting their Sissy Look 🙂

So let me help u!!



Phone Sex Sissy Transformation

Just sit back and relax, I will do all the hard work.  Don’t you want to know how it feels to be as sexy as I am? You just don’t have the balls. So let me do it for you!

I just love tormenting wanna be sissy girls like you.. You know u want to be just like me.. So what are you waiting for?

Its not gonna happen all by itself, you know it takes some time to become perfect just like me..

Its Time



Sassy Shemale Phone Sex

Sissy sluts should have class and sass and learn how to take care of rock hard dicks just like mine!  Shake that booty and show me you have what it takes to get a rise in my panties.  Still working on your style? I can teach you how to find the provocative lingerie and clothes that will make the inner cum slurping whore inside you come out and get nasty.

I bet I can get you servicing all those hard cocks at the glory hole faster than you ever dreamed possible! Cum be my nasty girl!



Bareback Sissy Phone Sex

One of my favorite sissies likes it best when there is nothing between her and my juicy clit stick.  Sure she loves it when I rub her through her satin and lace panties, getting her all hot and wet before I bend her over.  But that’s when the panties slide off and she gets to feel my hot throbbing dick rubbing between her cheeks as she moans like the dick loving whore she was made to be.

My rod makes her feel so much better than any fake plastic dildo but it did take her practice to get used to taking it as hard and deep as I love to pound her.  Squeeze that ass down baby and let me fill you up with my creamy load.



Learn to Love Cock Phone Sex

I tied him down securely using bright silk scarves. He was dressed in my favorite lingerie, a dark pink bustier and lacy french panties with silky shiny thigh highs covering his legs. He was so scared but this time he was going to learn how to take cock like a proper little sissy slut.

I pulled down his panties and started paddling his round bare ass. He would scream and moan with every hard smack against his bottom. Soon he would be ready to beg for my swollen rod. I laughed at him and forced him to admit he was a dick craving faggot before I fed him my stiff clit stick.

It took a much harder spanking to make him beg to fuck his little virgin hole. Do you want to beg for me?



Shake that Sissy Ass Phone Sex

I love it when my favorite sissies dress up for me and show off on cam.  Pick out your favorite outfit for me, is it frilly and girlie or sexy and slutty?  Let me help you with tips to make you look your sissy best.

Now it’s time to entertain me.  Turn around and give that fine ass a wiggle.  Make me laugh with a sissy dance or lets turn those cheeks bright red with a nice hard spanking.  I bet that is making your clitty tingle isn’t it baby girl?  Let’s take out that fat dildo and show me what you can do!




Reasons to Love your Shemale Phone Sex Diva

A Long stiff dick to use on you.

Two Fat balls for you to lick.

Perfect perky titties for you to envy.

We can share clothes!

Chicks with dicks are cool.

I know how to make your little sissy pussy tingle.



Picking the Perfect Panties Phone Sex

 High cuts, hipsters, bikinis, thongs, gstrings, boy shorts and more.  There are so many different styles of ladies panties and that’s just half the fun! Satin, lace, cotton, nylon which one do you prefer?  Then there is the problem, do you tuck? Use a gaff?  Point him up?

How about those panties made for men?  Do you enjoy those?  I only wear women’s panties, I think the quality is better and I’m all girl except that long lusty dick.  Do you want some help finding the right panties for you?



Phone Sex Lesson on Gender Confusion

I’ve been running into a lot of confused callers so let me explain some differences to you.  Here are the general accepted terms to explain about those blurring gender roles.

Drag Queen: Entertainers!

Shemale, Chick with a Dick, Ladyboy:  That’s hot bitches like me who love being a girl but also love having a nice hard dick.  The best of both worlds!

Sissies:  Men who enjoy being dominated and often forced to wear women’s clothing.  There are all kinds of sissies from slutty to prudes who just want to dress up and do tasks for you and so many more!

Transgender:  That is simple, it’s anyone who crosses the line between what is normally considered male or female activities.  I’m transgender, sissies are transgendered, cross dressers are also transgendered.

Transexual or TS:  That is when you feel and oftentimes live as someone of the opposite sex, you can be pre-op or post-op or you can even decide to never have gender reassignment surgery or do partial reassignment.  I am transexual also.

Transvestite, tranny, tv and cross dressers:  These are often mixed together and the details get too technical for me to care!  Mostly it’s guys dressing up as women some for sexual pleasure  or some just enjoy the fashion and make up and showing off.

There are many other categories but does it really matter?  Forget the labels and lets fuck!

Your Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Diva Angel Love