Sissy Bitch Leaves His Wife For Honey Phone Sex

sissybitch phone sex

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, extension 300

Sissy Bitch is so sick of dealing with his cold and frigid wife. She’s never understood him. She never will. When he met me he was at a very low point. He said he felt dejected and misunderstood. I told him that he just needed to do it. He needed to go through a total transformation. That’s when the journey began.

Sissy Bitch was scared and his voice trembled. But I could also hear the excitement in his voice. It was undeniable. Once it started there was no going back. We both knew that from the beginning.

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Willow’s Sissy Wishes Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext 230

I see how you gaze at me with that look of envy and admiration in your eyes. You wish you were me. You wish you were young, hot and blonde with that certain quality about you. You know the one, that charisma that draws the attention of every man in the room when I enter.

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Birthday Party Phone Sex for Sissies!

Birthday Party Phone Sex for Sissies!

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

My birthday is coming up on August 1st and I want to plan a fun and scandalous party to celebrate with all my sissies! Why a “sissy only” party you ask? Sissies are the BEST and the most fun clients! Dressing up, doing our make-up, and being fancy gals all night sounds really fun!

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I Found Out About His Secret Club Phonesex

sissy boy daddy sex club phone sex


1-866-239-2972                         1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

At lunch with a friend, when he opens his wallet to pay the bill, and this eye-catching pink and blue card with big letters DSB club falls out on to the table. I, of course, pick it up and look at it and it says nothing more than that. He finishes handing his credit card to the waitress and takes the colorful card from my fingers. “What is that?” I asked. He only smiled as he placed it back into his wallet.

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The Transforming Phone Sex Wish

transformed into a woman


1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

It was my friend’s birthday. As I set the cake in front of him, there was one very special gold candle surrounded by the ordinary small candles. I leaned over his shoulder and whispered in his ear “be very careful what you wish for this year.”

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment, then blew out all the candles. I saw the little golden spark fly up into the air from the center gold candle and knew that his wish was about to come true. I kissed him on the cheek and wished him a happy birthday, he smiled up at me and asked me why I was acting so strangely. I just smiled back and told him I couldn’t wait to see what he had wished for.

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Sissification Phone Sex Hypnosis

Your body may not be there yet, but your mind can be. Come with me and let me guide you deep into a hypnotic trance where you will feel your body transforming. You will become the woman you are meant to be.

You will feel your skin becoming soft and silky, the ugly man hair just falling away. The hair on your head growing and becoming lush and thick. Your curves will start to form and your breasts start to grow. Even your penis will shrink and your very own pussy will start to form.

Schedule a session today and learn how sissification hypnosis phone sex will work for you.

Mistress Taryn


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Mesmerized Sissy Phone Sex

Her heart was beating fast under all that satin and lace, excited and frightened by the possibilities.  My liquid silk voice flowed over her body as I helped guide her into a deeply relaxed and suggestive state.  I love that point where they drop all resistance and just fall under my spell, it’s like taking a big bite of sweet delicious power.

Now that my little sissy is fully in my control I’ll be able to push back those fears and help her give into her desire.  I paint a sensual picture inside her mind and the bulge of her panties show me that she is experiencing every detail as I create it.  Nothing else will allow her to break past that last bit of fear and give into the pleasures she craves.

Phone Sex Hypnosis, where fantasy feels exactly like reality.

Mistress Taryn


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Gasing Up & Transforming Phone Sex

You all remember when you where younger how when you had a surgery or dental work done and they gave you the laughing gas, which made you a little loopy? Well, thanks to a lovely little sissy I had a great idea. We are going to lay you down on this massage table and put this nasal mask over your face.

I lean over you as I whisper for you to breath slow deep breaths for me and count backwards from 10…slowly your numbers become a bit more slurred and your eyes heavier. Once I have you completely under I am going to transform you from a pathetic looking male figure into a beautiful little sissy.

This transformation will take some time though, as we have lots to do and I am sure I could use some help from a girlfriend or two to roll you side to side so we can dress you. If you like the thought of having no control, waking up and being transformed then you need a session with the Doctor. *giggles*

*Divine Laylene*


Transformation Central

Forced to be my Phone Sex Sissy Slut

My newest little sissy slut tried to pretend that wasn’t what he wanted when he first called me, but I could see the signs. He wanted one of my erotic hypnosis sessions and made no mention of the panties he was wearing and the cock he was craving.

It wasn’t very long after I got him under that the truth came out. I planted some suggestions and triggers deep in his little sissy mind and from then on he was my little sissy slut.

He was no longer able to deny that it was sexy silky lingerie that he wanted to wear and big thick cocks that made his little clitty hard as a rock. What was once a secret dream is now a full blown obsession and you won’t believe the things I have gotten my new little slut to do!

Your Hypnotic Phone Sex Sissy Mistress Taryn.


Enter my Lair

Girlie phone sex lessons

Pathetic sissy you’re just not girlie enough! Look at yourself you’re a disgrace an embarrassment in serious need of lessons in girlie girl ways. Cum and visit Milf Mistress Maggie and when you leave you be transformed into the perfect sissy girlie girl.

Milf Mistress Maggie