Open Up Wide Sissy Bitch Phonesex

Sex Kitten Lyric 1-844-332-2639 x247

“Cum here you lil sissy.  You are looking slutty today”.  With my words I love mocking you, the sissy fairy faggot and embarrassing you makes my panties wet.  “Are you trying really hard to look like me?  I’m sorry to burst the bubble, but you will never look like me.  Look at me, I’m a Sex Kitten and Princess“.

“You know that I’m in charge, and you can’t top this hot sex kitten.  You’re a big-time lawyer hot shot, and everyone thinks you’re an alpha male.  You have even managed to deceive your wife.  They don’t know that under those MANLY suit pants, there is a pair of pink frilly sissy panties that you love wearing”. 

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Toilet Boy Phone Sex

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

I want to make you my human toilet. Your sick sissy ass would love every minute of it. I’d make you put on your favorite pair of panties and get all dressed up for the occasion. You’ve been reduced down to nothing so now you’re my personal waste disposal. Now come and crawl under me so you can be my toilet boy. 

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