Studying With My Sissy Bitch Phonesex


SUZIE 1-844-33-CANDY x 263

Omggg I’m such a bad student. My Mommy hired this nerd from school to tutor me for summer school and I got super mad when he gave up on me! I locked my door and told him he wasn’t allowed to leave. He was going to stay here and keep studying with me! He asked what I would do if he jumped out the window and I told him I was going to turn him into my sissy study bitch!!!

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My Secret Plan to Turn My Hot BF into a Sissy Phonesex

Madison (a.k.a. Bratty Maddi) 1-844-332-2639 ext 359

So this barely legal bratty domme had a hot date planned with this hot dude.  After the movies we ended going to his place since we were both feeling super duper horny.   We couldn’t keep our hands off each other on the way to his place.  I knew right then and there I wanted him to fuck me, to fuck me hard like there’s no tomorrow.  At his place, we ended up on his couch.  One thing led to another and he was naked and I was wearing nothing but my panties.

As I jumped on his lap, giggling and feeling super duper naughty.  I could feel his hard throbbing dick (about 7 inches I’d say) rubbing up against my pussy.  It felt amazing to be rubbing my pussy against his cock and he could tell I was starting to get my yummy pussy juices flowing. 

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My sissy princess phonesex

Kinky Penny 844-332-2639 ext 412

You are My sissy princess phonesex and you know that. You belong to me. Your whole body belongs to me. You’re mine and I can do whatever I want with you. From now on I will call you princess, and that’s quite alright with you.

You get instantly wet when I call you My sissy princess phonesex. Of course, you are, hearing my sexy and seductive voice turns you on. Knowing that I will own your sissy ass makes so much sense to you.

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