Let The Phonesex Sissy Games Begin

Let The Phonesex Sissy Games Begin

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Sissies feel exhilarated when they dress and act like girly boys. Everyone thinks sissies are weak and wimpy. While that may be true, I know firsthand that some sissies can be very fun. They are not afraid to take risks which I find commendable. This is why I enjoy doing phonesex sissy games with the ones that aren’t afraid of crossing the line for me.

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Sissy Boy Learns How To Find A Bra Phone Sex


My little sissy and I went shopping last night, we had to find that silly sissy some bras. Once we got to the store though my little sissy told me she didn’t know how to pick out her size. 🙁 Oh dear that is no good I told her, time to find the sales lady! *giggles*

Once we had the sales lady I asked her to please measure my little sissy here for a bra size. After looking my sissy over with a disgusted look she finally began. Wow little sissy wears a 38C. What will we fill that bra cup with once we get home? Hmm…tissues, paper towels, silicon inserts, socks, panties…The possibilities are endless. I suppose the first step would be to purchase our bras first.

We bougth two from that store and proceeded to the next store. I felt my little sissy needed some more humiliation so at the next store I again asked the sales lady to help us find the right size for my little sissy! *giggles* We went to 4 different stores that day! What a great shopping trip!

Sissy Shopping Guide Laylene




Happy Valentine’s Day Mistress Phone Sex Cheer


I had to share this with you all. My darling little Ashley wrote this for me, and I thought it was just the sweetest things…

Valentine’s Day is totally so sweet!
its such a girly day for girls and really a treat!
i luv Miss Rayne!  and i want to be Her girl!
She’s my favorite valentine in the whole wide world!
i will be a good girl and obey Her in every way!
may i please be Your cheer girl Miss Rayne, on Valentine’s Day!!!

Are you a good little sissy girl who would love to have some wonderful phone sex with a sensual Mistress? Then come see me today. I love playing nice with all you sweet little girlie girls.

Sensual Mistress Rayne




Sissy Phone Sex Fashion Show

   Calling all  sissy boys out there, tonight we are going to have a fashion show. I want to see your cutest, girliest outfit. I want to see lots of lace and ruffles, frilly panties and stockings. I want to see heels and satin. Put on your girliest outfit and give me a call. I know how much you love to play dress up, so why not show it off to someone who appreciates seeing a sissy in all her glory, all dolled up and ready for a night on the town.

  Give me a call tonight and let’s set up our fashion show, I will tell you how nice of a girl you make and also what improvements if any need done. So give in to the desire and let’s play dress up together sissy, I know we will have a blast and who knows maybe you will even get some helpful advice from a real woman?

  What are you waiting for sweet sissy, call now.





Hey sissies…don’t forget about our weekly contest! Simply log into the chat room and find out how you can enter for a chance to win a free 15 minute phone call.

Are You Believable As A Woman? Phone Sex Contest

Have you been being a good sissy? Making sure to learn new things and test yourself? It’s always important to give yourself little girly sissy tasks. Getting involved in expressing who you really are as a feminine sissy girl. If you haven’t heard about our Halloween Sissy Contest, take some time and read some blogs. From now until Halloween you can enter a photo of yourself and if you’re the winner of the best Halloween Sissy Photo, you could win up to an hour of free phone sex time! There are 3 prizes!

You must send your photo along with permission to use it on our site to:Randit@phonesexcandy.com

This could be the perfect opportunity to really show yourself off all dressed up. How believable are YOU as a woman? Could you go out in public and pass as a real girl? Let us be the judge, send your photos in now!

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!



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What Does A Sissy Like Most About Phone Sex

  The fact that he can talk to a real woman about what he wants? No, the real reason sissy boys call their Mistress is for tasks and humiliation. I love to give out tasks, making the “ladies” go shopping, wearing all their girlie attire and the only thing they can not wear is their wigs, that way people know they are really a man.

  What is your reason for calling your Mistress sissy? What do you enjoy most about your transformation, the humiliation or just trying to be a woman? Whatever the reason no tranformation is complete without a call to me. So what are you waiting for sissy boy?

Mistress Laylene