Cocksucking Sissy Phone Sex



I just love it when I help my sissy slut opens up her slutty mouth painted with bright red lipstick, only to fill it up with big black cock. You look so gorgeous with your frilly pink panties on, your ass up in the air. Now make sure you show Lily what you’ve learned about sucking cock. I want to make sure you’ve been listening like a good girl.

I don’t care if your lipstick gets smeared all over your face, that’s what happens to slutty girls when they suck dick. After you show me how good you can suck this one off, I just may let you have two. First, though, you need to make this one cum right into your mouth. I want to make sure you swallow every drop. That’s it… open up wide and let it shoot into your mouth and throat… and then open up for me and say “Aahhh”

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!



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A dose of Humiliation Phonesex sissy boys!

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

Mistress Danni loves to humiliate pathetic sissy boys!

It’s time for a dose of humiliation from the sweetest Mistress in town!

Look at you sissy you’re dressed so pretty for Mistress today!

Ooops…you have mud all over your knees!  It’s a shame you didn’t move faster!  If you had gotten on your knees I wouldn’t have pushed you pathetic sissy.

Oh dear you got mud on that pretty blouse…let me get that for you!  Oh no my hand slipped…ah it’s just a few buttons.  Don’t bitch and whine you can sew they back on!

Now look you got mud on your fuck me pumps!  You better bend over and wipe it off right now.  Darn it all I lost my balance!  Ooops…did I knock you face down into the mud.

Dam you’re dirty!  You look like a nasty pathetic sissy cum slut whore who has been out all night sucking cock in the gutter.

Mistress Danni

Phone Sex Forced Strap On For The Good Little Panty Boys

Attention all you pretty little sissy boys who enjoy wearing panties, I have a big surprise for you…



Tonight, you will learn how to be a good little cock sucking slut for your Mistress. Oh, please don’t give me that look, sissy boy…I have watched you eye up cocks for the past few months and I know exactly what you want. Come here pretty panty boy…get on your knees…pucker those lips, while I put on this pretty red lipstick.

Oh, wow what a darling little cock sucker you shall be for Me tonight.

Open your mouth real wide, close your eyes..1…2…3…

Feel that stiff strap on slide easily in between those sexy lips all painted in red. I see you wrapping that tongue around the shaft. I told you that you would enjoy this sissy boy…Don’t you feel like a good little sissy slut now?

Mistress Laylene