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Suck it slut. We both know I don’t have to ask you twice. Everyone knows that sissy sluts suck a lot of dick. It’s a well known fact that sissy boys have a natural talent for cocksucking. So you might as well just admit that you are a depraved, sissy slut. Everyone already knows it anyway, so why keep trying to hide it? Whenever you start talking it’s evident that you are as they say “light in the loafers”.

Once you actually start sucking, you will be begging for more and more cock. You crave cocks 24/7 don’t you? Every time you meet a new man you are staring at his crotch. You’ve probably been cock gazing your whole fucking life.

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There Is So Much More To Being A Sissy Phone Sex

There is just so much more to being a girly boi than most sissies even know. I know what goes on in that head of yours, what you fatasize about. I mean most of you gurls want to dress in your pretty feminine clothes and some like to take on feminine tasks. Some gurls think about doing this from time to time and others actually do it daily. Why not go the extra step, stop living a fantasy and live the life. There are breast forms, wigs, make up and clothes to purchase. Name change is a definite. You will use it temporairly but then have to make it legally permanent. Then we have chemicals that will change you physically and even castration for those who really want to go the extra mile. You will be a eunch but you will call it a clitty or a clitette and your ass will be your boi pussy. Not to mention that there are punishments and rewards as well, administered by me. Oh so many things to do and so little time.




My Boss Will Be A Great Sissy Phone Sex

I knew it. I just knew it. All this time I suspected you were jacking off to my picture and today I caught you. You prick. Only it wasn’t just my picture was it. I saw you close your desk drawer quickly when I came in. You just weren’t expecting to turn around while looking for that file in the bottom drawer were you? You didn’t even notice at first because your eyes were glued to the panties that were showing, licking your lips like a fool, stroking your crotch. When I confront you, you blame me for wearing slutty clothes and pushing myself on you. Well I will show you who is really the slut. I walk over to the door and lock it. Turning back, I watch as you shift uncomfortably in your chair. I sit on your desk, place my high heel into your thigh, just below your balls, and tell you, “take off your pants.” You refuse. I grab your tie, pulling you towards me and demand again that you remove your pants. I press my heel in to make my point. You get up, take your pants off and stand before me, cock erect. I look at your pathetic cock and laugh. I slip off my panties and throw them at you. “You need these more than I do.” You actually started to drool. I am going to have such fun with you.




Sissy’s Final Steps Phone Sex

There is nothing like watching your sissy go down on her first stranger. It is almost like being a proud parent. You teach them, school them, use punishment, discipline, and guidance. It all comes down to this one moment of truth. They dress themselves, showing off how pretty they are. Seeing how nervous they get when they open the door to the man I have invited over, is amusing. Manners are very important. She invites him in and asks him to stand in the middle of the room as she shows off her gurly charms. I watch as she goes to work to please this handsome, well hung stranger. By the time my sissy is done, her swollen lips and well used ass, both dripping with cum, have left her wanting more. Now maybe she can start earning her way for her mistress.




I Give My Sissy What He Needs Phone Sex

I know you think a lot about me, sissy. What am I planning? How will I use you this time? What draws you to me, can you stay away? I love teasing your senses, til you are ready to cry out and beg for mercy. I love testing your resistance, see how much you can take before you cave to me. I love touching the sweat on your skin from making you wait to achieve an orgasm. You tremble as excitement flows through your body, knowing that I never disappoint you. Sit back, relax and let me take you on that trip that you so desperately crave.




I know your Secret Phone Sex sissy boy!

 Do you have a deep dark secret that haunts you?

One you can’t share with anyone!

Is it something so embarrassing so humiliating that you keep it to yourself?

Even your Wife has no idea and if she found out she would be horrified, totally discussed!   She would call you a little fag boy as she’s kicking you out of her bed!

If your friends found out they would laugh then think twice about inviting you over to watch the game!   

So far you have managed to keep it quiet but you didn’t count on ME!

I know your secret sissy boy!

It’s so obvious you’re so transparent!  I can see right through that fake macho façade. Yes I see and know your need to feel pretty and oh so feminine!  A secret stash of lingerie, make-up and dildo’s are waiting for the next opportunity! 

And guess what else I know about you?  I know your nastiest desire! You know the one the one you try to forget since it’s so gay!  Don’t try and deny it! Can’t say it can you fag boy?  Let Me assist you with just the right words cock sucking whore!  Yeah that’s right cock whore you crave a hard shaft just like the one I just forced down your throat.  Wait for it are you ready here it cums your reward one hot sticky treat. 

So who are you going to trust with your most private secrets?

I think you will make the right decision with your future sissy boy!

 Kinky Lady Alex


Little Stephanie Loves Being A Phone Sex Slut



My favorite little sissy slut called me today to get her weekly dose of strap on. *giggles* After she told me how sexy she looked I knew we had to show her little ass off to my friends. So we got ready and went over to Anna’s house. Once we got there I made little Slut Stephanie work her magic and modeled that sexy outfit.

It didn’t take that little slut long before she was sucking on all our strap ons, deep throating them like a pro, there was one time I saw her double stuff that painted red mouth of hers. *giggles* Watching her cheeks bulge out was so exciting, I went over smacked her ass and told her what a good slut she was.

The next thing Miss Anna, and I and the other girls had slutty Stephanie do was get on her hands and knees, we ripped off those little pink panties of hers and began to toy with her tight little sissy pussy.  Oh how she begged and begged for it hard. What a good little slut she was today I was so proud of her. *giggles*

Princess Laylene


Lesson One Phone Sex How To Be The Perfect Sissy Slut


  So, you want to be a good slut for your Mistress? Well, little sissy bitch you have come to the right place. Miss Laylene will teach you all you need to know about being a good little whore! I will show you how to dress, do your make-up, talk and act. I will also make you a master in the art of sucking cock and getting your little boy pussy fucked!

  You dream of being a hot woman everyday of your life and just know you will never be a woman, but you can be a great little whore if you so choose. So I ask you little sissy bitch…Are you ready? This journey will be long and difficult, but with time and perseverence you will succeed!

  I know you have it in you, sometimes you just do not want to admit it. Afraid of what people will think. Afraid of what people will say. Well, why the fuck do you care. The only person’s opinions you should worry about are mine. I am the one that matters not everyone else. You want to be a good little whore then come to Mistess Laylene’s lessons.

  As the Army says….Be all that you can be…dirty sissy slut! Why waste any more time give me a call tonight and let’s start this process now!




Phone Sex Sissy Slut Fucks and Sucks

I had the naughtiest phone sex sissy call me earlier tonight. He was all dressed up in panties, stockings and of course some slut lipstick. I humiliated and embarrassed my sissy slut in front of all of my girlfriends. They were giggling and pointing and watching him sucking and fucking

What was he sucking and fucking? Big fat long black cocks of course! I made sure he worked them really good right in front of me too. Stretching open his hot pussy hole, filling it over and over again.

Then all of my girlfriends used his face for a toilet while he got pounded ~giggles~ I so enjoyed making him my slut whore on the floor. I think he totally loved being degraded and humiliated like the sissy boy he really is deep down inside.

Maybe it’s your turn to be my sissy slut? Give me a call!



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Friday Night Diva Phone Sex

Hi there beautiful sissy sluts! It’s Friday night and time for a hot night out in the city! I would love to know what gorgeous outfit you’re putting on tonight. Is it something tight, shiny, low cut, slutty, ultra feminine? Give me a call and tell me how you’re going to do your hair. It’s time to let our inner divas come out as we party it up.

Maybe you’ll even pick a nice hot stud up with a big fat cock for sucking later on *giggles*

Don’t forget that from now until Halloween you can enter a photo of yourself and if you’re the winner of the best Halloween Sissy Photo, you could win up to an hour of free phone sex time! There are 3 prizes!

You must send your photo along with permission to use it on our site



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