Summer Suck Off

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Summer Suck Off – I already know what a prolific cocksucker you are. It’s a well known fact that you have an insatiable appetite for dick. So you might as well just admit it. You are a dirty little cock whore. Everyone already knows, so why keep trying to hide it? Just look at those dick sucking lips of yours. Admit it, you can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. You have more suction than Dyson.

Once you start sucking I’m sure you will beg for more. It’s in your nature to crave cock. You crave cocks 24/7 don’t you? Every time you meet a new man you are staring at his crotch. You perv on every cock you encounter. Just admit the fact that you are a complete faggot.

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Let Me Introduce You To… Phonesex

Well miss sissy, you’re all dressed up, with nowhere to go!

Let’s see if we can take you out on the town and introduce you to some of my friends…

This is Johnny– he has a huuuuge fat cock, and knows how to use it

This is Tyrone, and he has a nice thick piece of meat too! Can you believe it!?

And this is Jeremy. His cock is nice and long, with a nice big mushroom head on it…

Hmmm they all have something in common, don’t they. Well, sissy– what are you waiting for? Get down on your knees and introduce yourself. Show these boys the skills I taught you, and try not to smudge that lipstick.

Keep sucking until I say so…

Mistress Cory

Teaching Sissy Sluts Phone Sex Strap-On

La Srita. Anna y Yo la pasomos muy divertido poniendo sexy cositas a nuestre nueva mariquita R. Cuando terminamos de arreglarla se veia como toda una sexy putita.
Yo fui la que la force a ir a la seccion de consoladores in la boutique Candy. Yo le saque un consolados grade para que el lo mamara y aprendiera a hacer una buena maririquita chupa verga. ~me rio~ Yo le hice que se tomara de los tobillos y que abriera ese rico y apretadito panochito-culito bien grande para mi. Yo me puse el cinturon con el gordo y grande verga que encontre y se empuje hasta dentro de su culito apretadito y rosadito que tiene . ~me sonrio~
La Srita. Anna y Yo nos encanto escuchar sus gemidos de plaser mientras su culito virginal era culeado rico y duro por esta Latina Princesita.
Estoy esperandote para ensenarte tambien vente con nosotras a jugar quiero que tu tambien eas muestra Mariquita Putoncita. Crees que tu puedas cojer por tu culo virgen el Cinturon Cosolador que tiene una verga de negro bien gorda de la Pricesita Tessa … ?
Aqui te espero para esenarte como … Llamame   ~me sonrio~
Tu Sensacion Latina, Princesa Tessa
~~~~~~~~~~  ♥  ~~~~~~~~~~

Ms.Anna and I had so much fun putting sexy frilly things on our new sissy slut R.  When we were done he looked just like a sexy sissy slut.

I was the one who forced him into the toy section of the Candy store boutique.  I pulled out a nice big dildo for him to suck and learn to be a good little cock sucker. I made him grab his ankles and spread that nice tight pink boy pussy wide for me.  I put on the nice fat big black strapon and pushed it in his tiny pink hole hehe.

Ms.Anna and I loved hearing his cries of pleasure as his sexy virgin ass was fucked nice and hard by a hot latin teen princess.

I can’t wait to teach you so cum and play with us and be a sexy sissy slut.  Can you take Princess Tessa’s big black strapon in your tiny tight boy pussy?

I am waiting to teach you.

Your latin temptation, Princess Tessa

Sissy Phone Sex Advice Line


That’s right all you sweet sissy girls and sissy sluts out there. I am going to start my own little advice line. Here you will be able to call in and ask your  most important questions, questions that you can’t ask just anyone.

Is red the right color of lipstick for me?

Is it normal for a man to wear his wife’s dirty panties?

I have an uncontrollable urge to get ass fucked?

I want to suck a cock…help me!

These are just a few examples of what callers needed answered. If you have a question or concern and need a real woman’s advice please don’t hesitate. Give me a call now. The same charges apply for this service as a normal phone sex call. 🙂

Miss Rayne


Sissy Slut Phone Sex With Denise

How are all of my favorite sissies doing today? I’m lounging around in the prettiest outfit today, I would love to have a special sissy girl to play with and dress up with. Then after you’re all dressed up I can see how that sweet boypussy looks in those panties.

Why don’t we lick and suck on each others hard clits sissy? Spread those legs and show me that beautiful pink hole ready to be tongue fucked and filled up. I want to play with those big tits of yours, grab that long hair and spank your naughty ass before I fuck it with my strapon. Give me a call, I’m waiting to have hot phone sex with you sissy slut.

Have you submitted your photo for our Halloween Contest? Get your photos in now, send them along with permission to use them on our site to…

Prizes are as follows:

  • 1rst place – 1 hour worth of FREE calls
  • 2nd place – 30 minutes
  • 3rd place – 10 minutes



Milf Denise

PhoneSex Candy Denise

Cocksucking Sissy Phone Sex



I just love it when I help my sissy slut opens up her slutty mouth painted with bright red lipstick, only to fill it up with big black cock. You look so gorgeous with your frilly pink panties on, your ass up in the air. Now make sure you show Lily what you’ve learned about sucking cock. I want to make sure you’ve been listening like a good girl.

I don’t care if your lipstick gets smeared all over your face, that’s what happens to slutty girls when they suck dick. After you show me how good you can suck this one off, I just may let you have two. First, though, you need to make this one cum right into your mouth. I want to make sure you swallow every drop. That’s it… open up wide and let it shoot into your mouth and throat… and then open up for me and say “Aahhh”

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!



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Putting On Lipstick The Phone Sex Sissy Way



I think today is a great day to practice putting on lipstick and making sexy faces in the mirror. I want you to watch yourself outlining your lips, then look at yourself in the mirrow with just those lips outlined. Imagine you are creating a painting and you are about to fill in the lines with the most gorgeous shade of red you have ever seen. Then you are going to place the lipstick tube to your lips and glide it back and forth.

Watch yourself pressing your lips together and massaging them back and forth, spread the lipstick. Then you’re going to make a kiss at yourself, look at how beautiful your lips look lined and painted about to kiss. Those luscious sissy lips ready to be filled…

Milf Denise

PhoneSex Candy Denise

Phone Sex Girlie Camp With Sexy Latina Miss. Tessa!!

Hola por ahi a todos mis animales domésticos putositas adorables!
¡Hoy  van a aprendecómo ser un porrista hermosa, putona, asi como yo! asi es mi mariquita pathetica, te voy a ensechar como hechar porras para aque chicos que queremos cojer bien rico, como tu saves mascotita a todas las porritas nos gusta putiar con todos los del equipo, nos encantan las vergas bien grandes, gordas y bien duras, entre mas grander y duras mejor. Asi que si quieres ser como yo mariquita, tienes que llamarme y aprender todo lo que Miss Tessa te ensena, empesando por ensenarte a saber usar ese uniforme que nos have parecer putas, pero nos hace pareser mas coquetas, tu sabes putiar que nos gusta siempre ser muy femeninas y putiar a todas horas.

Llamame esta noche mariquita putona y ven a porrear con migo


Tessa loves her pets!!! *giggles*


Heii there my adorable pets!

Today your going to learn how to be a beautiful, slutty, cute cheerleader such as myself! That means lots and lots of traing for such a pathetic pet like you, this could take awhile! *giggles* Well first off I’ll have to teach you how to be girlie, ovbiously your going to need to love the color pink! *giggles* Second I’m going to need to take you shopping with me to buy cute lace panties and awesome new slutty outfits! *giggles* But before we do all that you need to pay your dues, we all did to get to the top. You’ll have to wash my panties and cheerleader outfit. And you’ll have to prove to me how well you can suck a big fat cock.

Give me a call my pet, I’ll teach you the right way how to be girlie!


Your Latin phone sex teen queen,

Miss.Tessa <3


** Voice Sample Espanish and English **

Calling All Phone Sex Sissy Girls


I want to have a contest sissy girl, to see which one of you can suck on the biggest cock. I want you all to get dressed real sexy for me. Put on your cutest lingerie and pretty red lipstick then come on over to my house. We will have 5 or 6 different sized cocks to experiment on.

I have invited all my sissy girls so let’s hope they all show up. A few of my girlfriends will be coming too so we can enjoy the show. Just watching as all you sissy girls try and take each and every cock deeper and deeper into your mouths. It is a hard decision…you all sucked those cocks so good!

Give me a call and find out who won my little cock sucking contest. *giggles*

Mistress Laylene



Sissy Wendy’s New Phone Sex Toys


My favorite little sissy called me tonight to tell me all about her new outfit she got. A cute pink camisole with matching panties. She also informed me she bought some pretty pink lipstick as well as a new 6 inch dildo for me to play with. *giggles*

My little sissy Wendy knows how much I enjoy watching her suck on a dildo with her lips painted a pretty shade of pink . So as I watched her slide her lips over the dildo I noticed she was not taking that dildo in the whole way and decided to help her, by placing my hand on her head and gently pushing down on it.

Just watching her take the full 6 inches into her throat got me so excited! Now, it was time to test out sissy Wendy’s new toy on her tight little boy pussy. I had her lay on her back and caress her little clitty as she pressed the tip of her dildo against her pucker hole.

Listening to her moan and breathe was so fucking hot. I knew I was giving her pleasure just by letting her fuck herself for me. Then little Sissy Wendy asked me if she could cum…I told her of course I mean after all she did go shopping and get all the things on her list. *giggles*

Want to play with a hot young Mistress like sissy Wendy….Give me a call.

Teen Mistress Laylene