Stuffing Your Sissy Ass Phonesex

Stuffing Your Sissy Ass Phonesex

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Some of you will never become real women. You are too weak and afraid of making permanent changes. This is why you will be my sex slaves instead. I’ll pimp you out to horny men that just need a hole to fill. I’ll laugh at you while they’re stuffing your pathetic sissy ass.  You’re nothing but a cheap whore.

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Sissy Small Dick Humiliation Phonesex With Miss Mona

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Small Dick Humiliation Phonesex At Its Finest!

Finally, small dick humiliation phonesex is my part-time job. It makes sense when you think about it. Because there are two things that make me happy. Degrading tiny dicks and making money for my luxurious lifestyle.

So, if you are sporting an inadequate miniature worm where a real man’s cock should be, call me as soon as possible. You deserve Miss Mona’s particular brand of small penis humiliation phone sex comeuppance.

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Wrong Assumptions Lead To SPH Phonesex

Your penis is such a disappointment.  From the moment I saw you I have fantasized about what it would be like to fuck you. You are so handsome and deliciously male. I thought your cool aloofness was because you were tired of women flirting with you and you just wanted a break. It is stunning how wrong my assumptions were.

You weren’t aloof you were scared. How many times have you witnessed the displeasure that so handsome a man is packing so little punch?  Judging by how you hang your head and can’t meet my eyes, more than a few I would say.

Your small dick will not stop my pleasure. We are going to have sex, only you will be the girl. Now get on your knees sissy boy and suck my strap on the way I would have sucked your cock if you had actually had one.  The more I look at your handsome face sucking my strap-on the angrier I feel at your deception. How dare you look like such a man and be such a no dick loser.

You are going to have to put this dress on. Then maybe I will forget that you were supposed to be a stud and turned out to be a stump. Bend over. Now I can pretend you are one of my girlfriends. Stop that grunting, you are a girl I want to hear your girly voice moaning for me. You will not disappoint me again, do you hear me sissy?