Swinging Sissy Phone Sex

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I installed a sex swing in my bedroom so that I could have more fun when I play with my sissy boys. I love bending them over and spanking them for not wearing their panties like I told them to! Now I’ll be able to spank their asses so hard that the sissies will go swinging whenever they disappoint me. I’m always thinking of new ways to force my sissies to be the most well behaved little bimbos for me.

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Mrs. Sadie’s Phone Sex Sissy Lessons

Do you want to play dress up sissy? Put on those frilly little ruffle covered panties and your sweetest little dress and come see Mrs. Sadie. I want to see you primp and model I want to see your pouty lips and your baby pink dresses and sweet goldilocks wigs. Then what will happen? I think you know then Mrs. Sadie is going to give you some naughty sissy slut lessons.

We will begin with teaching you the proper way to suck a cock and with luck and hard work you will progress to how to ride a dick with ease and grace. You will learn how to swallow your cum for Mistress’ pleasure. You will come to accept that your place is at my exquisite heels wearing whatever I choose for you to wear. I do believe in corporal punishment so know that if you disobey, the rod will not be spared and your darling little girly bottom will be spanked.  I can be a strict disciplinarian and a gracious generous encourager it all is up to you and your performance. If you would like to become a well-trained dutiful sissy slave, maid or just the best sissy you can be I look forward to seeing you in class soon.





Naughty Sissy Boy Phone Sex

Want to be dressed up , hand cuffed,  spanked and made  to do nasty dirty awful things by me?  And you I’m  too beautiful to say no to!  I love  turning little silly sissies into my personal slaves!  I will slide my enormous dildo up your boy pussy and make you lick my feet in your slutty costume!   All the naughty things I could make you do!

Mistress Carly





Sissy Boy Phone Sex


Want to be dressed up , hand cuffed,  spanked and may to do nasty dirty awful things by a woman too beautiful to say no to?  I love  turning little silly sissies into my personal slaves!  I will slide my butt plug up your boy pussy and make you lick my feet in your slutty costume!   All the naughty things I could make you do!



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Sissy Spanking Phone Sex

sissy phone sex

I  heard you’ve been very a nasty sissy boy this year! Dressing up in trampy clothes, hanging out on street corners, guzzling down every drop of cum and sucking on any cock you can get your hands (and mouth) on? You’ve become quite the little faggot!

Well it’s time for Mistress Carly to remind you who’s in charge.  First I am going to plug your bum-hole with a big fat butt plug. I just love watching you squirm as it stretches you open.  Then I am going to take my lovely paddle and spank that bottom until it’s cherry red!

Mistress Carly



Sissy Slut Strap On Training Phone Sex With My New Toy


Hello, little sissy sluts out in the cyber world tonight, just thought ya’ll would like to know about my newest investment…

Curious now, aren’t we. lol. Don’t worry silly sissy slut I won’t make you wait any longer!

My recent investment is about 9 inches in length and about 4 or 5 inches in thickness, It is black and has a sort of belt to it for easier hand free plugging. lol. It also look spectacular with a black lace bra and sexy nylons. Can you guess yet?

That’s right sissy slut it’s a brand spanking new strap on. I bought just for you and I and our special times together. I also bought you some pretty lipstick, I believe the color is called “cock sucking red.” lol.

So, what do you say sissy slut are you coming to try out our new toy or what?

Mistress Rayne