Small Dicks Are For Humiliating

small dicks

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Small Dicks Are Worthless

Let me tell you a story about a sissy boy that came to me so proud of what he had between his pathetic legs. I asked him to prove it. The hesitation in his voice was delightful. I had only asked if he was packing an anaconda or a little button. Speak up you faggot sissy boy. Let me hear you. Still, he stuttered his words, unable to vocalize exactly what we had going on.

Irritated and frustrated with his inability to answer I decided to take things into my own hands. I grabbed his dainty sissy wrists and stood him in front of me. I sighed as I started unbuckling his pants. As I slid his pants down, I had to laugh. Not only was he wearing a pair of pink cotton panties, but they were wet and apparently filled with cummies droplets.

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