New sissy task phone sex

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You are going to perform a new sissy task for me today. I have another client of mine who just loves to put a sissy in her right full place. This works for me as I enjoy watching him do so. You have been a bit needy as of late and I do believe you need a small reminder of what I expect from you and your sissy lifestyle.

I will dress you as I please. He prefers to have you dressed up as a slutty girly so that is what we will be doing. To place you in a ruby red flowing nighty with some matching stockings to match. With white garters to make everything pop.

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Sticky Sissy Phone Sex!

Sticky Sissy

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

I’ll turn you into the hottest and most obedient sissy. My sissies are always dressed to the nines and receive compliments from all types of handsome men. Their hair, make-up, clothes, and accessories are always on point. Guys will be clamoring to get a piece of you after I finish training you. I hope you like being sticky since the guys will barely be able to keep their dicks in their pants once they see you.

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Craigslist Slut Phone Sex

Posting adds for you… Waiting for those sexy men to reply… Waiting for that knock on your door. You are going to lose that V-card tonight.. Whether you like it or not..

Are You Scared? You should be. This is what you have been wanting, what you have been begging for. Tonight, your dream will come true. You will finally get what you have always wanted. To be outed.

Its time.

No more fun and games, now this gets serious. You will be my dirty little cum whore, leaving your door unlocked.. Watching as those men walk into your apartment…

Get Ready.




Phone Sex Ménage à Trois

You, Me, and the Man of Your Dreams… Can you even imagine how amazing It would be to have that man.. The one who haunts your dreams, and all of your thoughts. Let me give you what you want. Let me show you how amazing it feels to finally have him.

I will manipulate your mind into feeling, and seeing what I want it to. There is no help for you now, your mine. Forever. Face it. Your Fucked.

We both know how much you have been aching for his touch. Close your eyes, and let me take you on the journey of a lifetime.



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Time To Wreck Dragons Home Phone Sex

In the next room over, sits the woman you despise. The one who doesn’t like who you really are. She can’t accept the truth. Doesnt like the real you.


I love the way  you look when your dressed up in your pretty girly clothes. The way your wig looks, and that pretty scarf lays around your head.

Sneaking into your bedroom to get one of the Dragons Dresses, Into the kitchen to get an empty glass. Her toothbrush… Shampoo bottle…. SHOE…  All fabulous memories of the naughty things you enjoy doing for me…

Next.. we will take it one step deeper.. one step further into the unknown..

Just how far will you go for me? Maybe its time we do something even crazier !!!
Deviant Princess Dani



Late Night Phone Sex

Are you sitting there all alone, wondering what you are going to do for the rest of the night? Contemplating about having some fun. Maybe even trying something new.. Well.. Come try phone sex with me, guaranteed to be a one in a million experience! I will blow your mind, and your load before you even know what hit you. Why not try something new? Im completely discrete so no one will ever know that you rendezvoused with a Tranny. Come take a walk on the wild side, don’t keep me waiting any longer.




Feminine Products Phone Sex Sissy Class

Have you ever stood in a super market, staring at the never ending wall of feminine products, and simply wondered to yourself where to start, Or what brand to choose.

Let me be your personal guide on everything feminine. I have used these products for many years, and know exactly which ones help sissy girls, and girly boys, just like me.

Stop wondering and standing there lost in your own thoughts. I will take you through a step by step guide, lets get started.



Pickle Queen Phone Sex


My favorite little pickle fucking slut!! I just love how obedient she is, and all the cool twisted things I get to do with her!!
Just take a look @ the new panties I made her buy! She tried them on for the girl in VICI SECRETS for me!! I was laughing soo hard when she told me what she did!!

Well, I bet your wondering why I called her my Pickle Queen.. well, just like the name says, she like to fuck nice, big pickles for me.. violating her sissy hole while I giggle @ her.. She loves It!!
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Feeding You Kitty Food Phone Sex

No silly, not that hard crunchy stuff you find at the store!! you can’t just go buy the kind of kitty food I’m talking about…
Come on you want to be a girl.. But your not even thinking like one!! Last Time I Checked Kitty = PUSSY!!!! And you N I both know what kind of food pussy’s like!! COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So… Thats exactly what I have planned for you!! Its Cockfest time for all you sissy’s out there, I intend on filling you full of that yummy kitty food that you have been dreaming about!! Come on girly-boys… you know u want it!!

Deviant Danielle



Sissilicious Phone Sex


Perfection, Smooth Body. Nice Tits. Gorgeous hair..

What more could you ask for? Come play with me,  feel my soft sensual body, feel what you aspire to look like… touch, taste.. lick..

Join the many who have taken the plunge into the taboo world of phone sex with a Tranny 🙂  I will blow your mind, and your load, and maybe even melt you heart.. But.. be careful! Its hard not to get A Dickded!

Come see if you have what it takes to make me happy :d