Choose Your Own Slutventure: A Mistress Phone Sex Game

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Choose your own slutventure and pick a number. That’s right, a gambling submissive offered me a game in the phone sex chat room. He bought a private chat and explained that he wanted a random adventure. I gave him numbers between one and five, all with different role-play scenarios. Therefore, one of them meant I had to be the submissive, and I was on the edge of my throne.

The slutventure began. After choosing a number,he always thought that he could get a better scenario. The trick was, the next set of options got more and more intense. The first set of options was something basic. After choosing number three, he decided that he would trade his “clean out my cream filled pussy” for the next set of choices. Boy did he regret that, when he chose a bukkake party!

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Slutty Sissy Pool Party Phonesex

Slutty Sissy Pool Party Phonesex

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I host a pool party every year where I invite the most affluent men that I know so they can mingle with my friends until the night becomes full of debauchery. I’ve always forced my slutty sissy slaves to work at the event. I pick my most obedient sissies and put them in the tiniest bikinis so everyone can enjoy them at their sluttiest.

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Thirsty Cum Guzzling Phonesex

Thirsty Cum Guzzling Sissy Phonesex

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You are such a thirsty cum guzzling sissy boy. I know you jerk off all the time so you can eat your cum for me. I’ll edge you all day until you barely handle it. I want your clitty throbbing for me. Stroke it nice and slow for your Mistress. I don’t care how badly you want to cum. You won’t be allowed to without my permission because you’re too thirsty for your own good.

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Nervous Sissy Becomes A Slutty Sissy Phone Sex

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I’m feeling devious tonight and I need my sissy scratch itched. I’m in the mood for a slutty Tomsin sissy to help me scratch it. 

I want to take a man who’s had the urge to feminize himself for a long time and make it finally happen. Do you want a woman who is a little bit older (but not TOO old) to show you how to become the woman you have always wanted to be? I know there’s a sexy woman inside you that is just bursting to come out and I know for sure that I’m the woman to help her come out. You don’t have to hide her anymore. Let that freaky inner slut out and let her shine!

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Run Away Sissy Phone Sex

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I do understand how shamed you are by those desperate desires deep inside you.  It can be very difficult to face the fact that you are not a man but a simpering sissy slut simply wearing a man costume.  The cravings to wear lingerie and being treated like the whore you are in the inside scare you so you try to run away.  You foolishly destroy the panties you love, the toys you play with and the sexy clothes you wear.

But that need doesn’t simply go away.  Face the facts sissy gurl, you were never meant to be a man.  You may be able to resist for a short time but the truth will always come back.  You were born to be feminized, humiliated, used, abused and forced to serve your Mistress.

Mistress Taryn


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Are you a Phone Sex Sissy Trick or a Treat?

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Yay!! It’s the one night of the year that you can let it all hang out.  You can pull out your favorite sissy frills and dress your best and call it a “costume“.  Pretend it’s simply a holiday lark and strut  your stuff girls!  Nobody needs to know how it’s something you crave, but you better be careful or one of those hot men might decide you look good enough to get on your knees in the men’s room for them.  When your lipstick is smeared all over a hard cock it’s no longer just a game is it?  How many will you service before the night is through?

Hurry up there is only a little bit of time to plan it all out, give me a call and I’ll help you look your very best!

Mistress Taryn


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Make you my twin Phone Sex

Poor little sissy slut, so manish and ugly.  Let a hot phone sex call with me transform you into my twin sister and lets go out and find some real fun together.

My fingers will run through your hair making it long and silky.  Your face will become feminine and sensual. Your breasts will bud and grow hard nipples.  Your body will gain curves and all of that man hair will fall out. Your legs will become long and shapely. And finally your sweet little wet pussy will take shape.

We will have so much fun out teasing the boys tonight, perhaps we’ll take one or two home and enjoy them together!

Sissy Mistress Taryn


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Gender Bender Phone Sex

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Listen little cunties, why don’t you stop fucking around and give into that twisted craving that you keep trying to deny.  I’ll dress you in some deliciously sexy lingerie, a pair of fuck me pumps and some pretty glossy lipstick.

I wonder how well you can balance on those heels while you ride a nice fat dildo?  I want that mouth opened wide so I can face fuck you with my 10″ strap on and listen to you gagging and moaning with delight like a proper little whore.  It won’t be long and you’ll be well trained for the gang bang I have in store for your future.

Give it up for your Sissy Mistress Taryn


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Shared by the Phone Sex Pimptresses Part 1

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When Prissy Sissy first wandered so innocently into our phone sex chatroom she had no idea what she was getting into.  It was late one night and the delicious Amber and I were hard at work tormenting and teasing our way through the men.  Prissy Sissy gathered up her petticoats and ruffles and took a seat just to watch in amazement as a parade of sissies, losers, subbies, faggots and more fell into our clutches and left sated and weak.

By the time the crowd thinned our hunger had only just been aroused so we turned on little Prissy Sissy as she sat so innocently touching up her lip gloss.  I could almost smell her fear when she picked up the phone and had her first call with us.  Her girlish gasps of shock when we dug inside and found out she had many secrets hidden under that crinoline and lace.  To our delight there was much more to this girl than the prudish exterior lead us to believe!  We found that deep inside there was a budding cum dumpster just waiting for the proper training!

Click here to read part two by our lovely Amber.

Pimptress Taryn


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Pimptress Amber


Miss Tessa Have A Nice Homework For My Phone Sex Slutty Sissy Boy

Hola mi Mariquita putona!!, tengo una seria the tareas para ti, se que te encantara, por que la Srita Tessa sabe cuanto te gusta la puteria.

Primero te vestire y te pintare como toda una puta barata que eres, luego te mandare a trabajar fichando por que te encanta la cojedera de vergas y lamer panochas, tines que traerme el gasto puta sucia.

Los verstidos que tengo para ti son muy sexy, likra que se aguataran a tu cuerpo como una segunda piel, y una sapatilla de tacon muy alta para que realce esas piernas, claro!! te depilare esas piernas que tienes tan bellogas y las dejaremos como pompis de bebe!! *me estremesco*

Asi que lo sabes Mariquita barata, llamame hoy que te mandare a putear my rico !!!

Llama a la Srita Tessa esta noche,


Hello My slutty sissy!!

I think is time for you to make some money for Miss Tessa! I know how much you love to suck cock!  I bet your sissy hole is wet already.

I have a tight slutty pink dress for you and a lot of make up and of course your favorite 6″ heels.  Lets shave those legs and leave them all soft and girlie *giggles*

Grab you phone sissy slut and call Miss Tessa tonight!

**Spicy & Sensual  Miss Tessa**

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