Respect & Obedience are a MUST for this Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Anita 1-844-332-2639 ext 288

This Mistress needs you to know that certain things will be demanded of you once you become my sissy slave.  You should really be aware of what is expected of you when you become my sissy slave.  It is quite important to have you dressed a certain way.  After all, looks are important.

Respect and Obedience are definately a must are expected without questioning.  If you do not behave properly, then it is quite simple.  We will not play together.   As my sissy, you must realize that you are less of a man.  All this really means is that you will never be able to touch a beautiful woman.  You can only ever please a woman by calling a phonesex Mistress like myself. 

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CYO Phonesex Adventure: Slave In Chastity-Pink Box

create your own adventure phone sex chastity forced bi

Sadie           1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

I reached down and wrapped my warm hand around the soft silicone cage. The little bumps of hard flesh trying to find any escape that it may, rubbed against my thumb. My slave’s eyes rolled back into his head. “Thank you Mistress” he sighed.

I whispered against his ear. “You are my toy aren’t you slave?” A silent nod was my reply. I looked down and could see the precum drops trickling from the oblong slit of his cage. I removed my hand from the compressed little captive and stood up, walking towards the door. “You will obey.” I stated the fact knowing that it was unnecessary but I just liked to be clear. I opened the door and through it walked a gorgeous male specimen.

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Pass The Loser Phone Sex

Im sure all you sissy sluts have noticed that CeCe and I are so close, we are like twins!!! Well, why don’t you join us for some naughty fun, we just love passing sissy’s like you between each other, giving you a one of a kind experience that will drive you crazy, and make u cum harder than ever before!!

WE love playing together, bouncing ideas off of eachother, making things worse and worse for you.. taking you deeper into sissyhood.. you know u want to come play with us… what are you waiting for?

Join us for Game Nights

Tuesdays at 9pm est
Saturday at 2 pm est





Come Let Me Work My Magic On You Phone Sex


I will transform you into that sexy sissy girl you have always dreamed of being, let me put you under my spell, making you transform into the girl of your suppressed dreams. I will wrap you around my finger, and keep you cumming back for more! You can try to resist me.. but it wont work, you can run you can hide..

But you will always come back.. I will work my magic on you and leave you aching for more.. Pleading with me to do more.. to make it permanent… I will teach you everything you need to know and more.. you will be mine..

Lets get started.



Feeding You Kitty Food Phone Sex

No silly, not that hard crunchy stuff you find at the store!! you can’t just go buy the kind of kitty food I’m talking about…
Come on you want to be a girl.. But your not even thinking like one!! Last Time I Checked Kitty = PUSSY!!!! And you N I both know what kind of food pussy’s like!! COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So… Thats exactly what I have planned for you!! Its Cockfest time for all you sissy’s out there, I intend on filling you full of that yummy kitty food that you have been dreaming about!! Come on girly-boys… you know u want it!!

Deviant Danielle



Hiding your clitty Phone Sex

Thats what all good little sissy sluts do.. Hide those tiny little clittys they have!! Want me to teach you how to make it disappear?

Let me show you how its done, I can give you a step by step guide on how to make yourself girlier!!! I’m writing a manual for all of you pathetic sissy on making yourself into a better little sissy slut! Message me for more information! I would love to help you achieve what I have!

Let me teach you my secrets.



Phone Sex Sissy Training Week One

Week 1

Sissy Training

Subject – Panty Training


This week we will be focusing on panties.. Now I’m sure you think that you already know everything there is to know right.. you just put them on.. well there are some secrets that you have never heard before. Like what kind of panties are best for your figure, and which ones feel best rubbing against your cock.

During this week you will be given small assignments to complete. You will then have to email me feedback at the email address provided when you sign up.

If you would like to participate in sissy training, please contact me at

Thank You

I look forward to training you

Mistress Angel


Because I Said So… Phone Sex


Do you really think you can resist me!!?? I don’t think you have what it takes to resist my charms, I just love toying with pathetic little sissy’s just like you.. Controlling them and making them submit to my every whim.

So what are you waiting for? I will help you fulfill all of your kinky dreams and desires. Just sit back, and watch the transformation take effect.. You will be amazed at how well I am able to get into your head and manipulate you into doing exactly what i want.. when i want it…

Come Play



How to train a Phone Sex Sissy

Well, first you need to call (Obvious)

Then you need to completely clear your head of all the negative thoughts..
Surrendering to the Lady on the other end of the phone..

Giving in to your Desires..

Let your inner Sissy Flow.

The biggest part of transforming into a sissy, is..

You have to quit caring what everyone around you thinks..

You will be judged.. But let your Sissy Shine Through!!
Call Me..

I will help you through your transformation, Through the questions.. and concerns..

I’m Here For You..

<===3 <===3 <===3



Making you a good COCK SUCKER Phone Sex

I think you need some practice, I want to make sure that you are nice and ready for that massive cock that you have been dreaming of.  You and I both know you want it, so what are you waiting for?? All good little sissy faggots need training, and who better to take lessons from, than a skilled professional. I can teach you everything there is to know about sucking cock and pleasing that man you have been thinking of.

I think its time that you begin your lessons.. Lets chat.