Honey’s Sissy Diva Phone Sex


HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext. 300

You know you need this. You need to be trained the right way. Stop messing around with inferior sissy training. Step up to the best of the best. That’s right – me. Miss Honey will take you by the hand and lead you on an incredible journey. 

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Willow’s Sissy Training Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

There are a lot of nuances and special things you need in order to be real sissy slut. You need a guide/tutor to help you with the process. Someone who knows all about fashion and makeup and everything you need to be a girly girl.  We will cover everything to complete your sissy identity.

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Here Ya Go, Sissy Phonsex

Here ya go

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270  

Mommy’s little boy has changed so much recently. He’s growing up and filling out in places only a Mother can be proud of. Those budding titties look so sweet. The hormones Mommy has been feeding you are finally making themselves known.

Here ya go, sissy! Now that you look so much like Mommy, it’s time we started to dress you like Mommy too. You’ve always loved the soft, silky things I would wear under my big girl clothing. We’ve slowing been preparing you for this big change and I think we’re ready for the next steps!

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Vanessa’s Sissy On Display Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

Do you crave attention at any cost? Do you have the deep down urge to be exposed for all to see? I can help you with that, darling. Just think of having all eyes on you. That is your sissy dream come true isn’t?

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Sissy Chameleon Phonesex With Kayla Cumsalot


Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Hi, little sissy doll!Ready for some fun Phonesex? Look at me! Check out how incredible I look in each and every hair color. Don’t you wanna be a pretty girl like me? Come over to my house and we can play Sissy phonesex Makeover! We can recline you back in my big, grand bathtub. I’ll mix the color together and massage it all down the luscious length of your hair!

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Willow’s Sissy Sighting Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

When it comes to sissy boys I seem to have a sixth sense. I can spot one a mile away, it seems. Even those tricky ones who try their best to come across as masculine. I can see right through the façade every time.

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Sissy Cum Bucket Phonesex

TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349 

Sissy boy’s never cum as much as Alpha cocks. I think it’s part of your DNA to be less than in all ways. Some dicks, like mine, can cum a bucket full, and then there are clits like yours who dribble out sissy milk. I know you stay hornier and your peanut sized balls stay full of girlie cum you are hoping to bust but it’s just never enough. I’ve decided to run a small experiment, at your expense of course.

I’m going to host a grand party. I know how much you love when all my shecock friends come over to watch you be humiliated. You will be dressed like the slut you are while you act as the server. Fetching food and wine for all the guests. They’ll be allowed to poke and probe you as they wish and you will accept it.

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The sissy slut phone sex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

You have expressed to me your longing to be free. To finally be able to express yourself as the sissy slut that you truly are. Your fear of judgment stops you. The fear of what others may think of you is enough to make you hesitate.

You made a mistake though. You in our last session told me how though it frightens you to no end of someone find out and see you as the sissy you are that makes your clitty tingle. This brought me to think about something.

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Willow’s Forcing Your Feminine Side Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

It’s always been there, that inner feminine side. You tried and tried to hide it over the years, but it would always find some way to slip out. Then you met me and it all went haywire. You finally broke free and now look at you, such a total sissy slut.

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Vanessa’s Total Transformation Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

Don’t come to me asking for a “total transformation” unless you are truly prepared to go the distance. I’m not playing at this. I always mean business. When I am executing a sissy transformation, I take it very seriously.

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