Pathetic Sissy Doll Phonesex

Bratty & Sweet Teen Madison 1-844-332-2639 ext 359

Hey sissy boys.  I want to know what makes you thinking you are worthy enough to serve me, the hot sweet teen princess, Madison???  Do I see an itty bitty clitty dangling between your legs?  Or is at a pathetic useless dick??  It gets my panties wet when I know that I’m going to feminize you and turn you into a sissy whore…a dirty sissy whore….giggle.

I do expect you to have your hair done up, at least in a wig.  Oh and nails are a must.  I do expect you to walk in heels and strut around in slutty lingerie.  If you have never done your makeup, don’t worry…I will buy the red cock sucking lipstick….giggle. 

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Sissy Glam Phonesex

Mistress Collette 1-844-332-2639 ext 383

You want a true sissy mindfuck, don’t you?  Let’s start with getting you all dressed up and dolled up.  You will become a fuck doll.  You will be trained to act the bimbo sissy that you are destined to be.

After getting you dressed, I will make sure that you LOOK, ACT and even SMELL like a sissy.  Just out of curiosity… do you know what you breath smells like??? 😉

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I Dream of a Wife Phone Sex

Mistress Anita 1-844-332-2639 ext 288

I how I love reverse traditional gender rolls.  My naughty little secret is that I dream of having a 50’s style wife.  A loving sissy wife whom will do everything I ever desired and wanted.  I want a wife whom will do everything around the house and then when I come home, I get to fuck her.

As per what I would allow her?  I would allow her to have a part-time job so that she had some spending money.  She would get up early in the morning and make me breakfast and have my tea and paper ready for me.  My lunch would be fixed and ready.  It would even make my day if she would slip in a note saying how much she admired me. 

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Frilly sissy cunt phonesex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

I have figured it out. I can not believe it has taken me so long to see what you truly are. Yes, you are a sissy bitch. A little frilly sissy cunt. A girly-girl ready to take and be a solid place for cum to be dumped. However, you are much more than that. I thought your fascination with dolls was just something to make you feel closer to your sissy nature.

But as I was thinking about this it is not the dolls themselves that make your clitty hard. Now it is dressing them up. They before you were able to be your sissy self where you sissy surrogate. When you got older and the play started to make that clitty hard you just assumed it was because you wanted to be a sissy. It is more than that though.

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It’s Spring, so Let’s go Lingerie Shopping Phonesex

Collette — 1-844-332-2639  ext 383

It is March and it is the month of Spring Break.  I want to take you shopping with me.  The mall is crowded, so I hold your hand as we walk to Victoria Secret.

You are absolutely breathless with all this sexy lingerie around you.  Of course, out of the corner of my eye, I watch you.  You are nervous but very anxious as you touch the soft, silky fabrics.  The sexy store manager asks if she can help you pick out something.  You then blush, look down at the floor and shake your head no. Watching your reaction, with a wicked smile on my face, I am certain it is time to begin your sissification.

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Morgan’s Friday The 13th Doesn’t Mean Bad Luck For A Sissy Phone Sex


MORGAN 1-844-332-2639, ext. 236

It’s Friday the 13th and most people think about bad luck, etc. But Friday the 13th is also Freak Night for Fags. All of the sissy boys around here dress up like divas and go out on the town. There is a gay club downtown so all my sorority sisters and I will be headed down to party with the fag boys tonight.

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Morgan’s Sissy Boot Camp Phone Sex – Survival of The Sissiest


MORGAN 1-844-332-2639, extension 236

The boot camp started out with 30 of the most sissified of sissy boys. These lovelies would be put to the test on several fronts and only the best of the best would advance to the finals. Round one was dressing as a woman. Whoever was the most convincing would take the prize. Of course, several looked the part but there were always those tell-tale signs of masculinity. Except for one. “Stella” had everyone fooled. Some even whispered of cheating. Time would tell if this little gem would advance in the other areas as well. From her perfect hair and makeup to her impeccable blouse, skirt and hosiery, she was a vision of femininity. I had spent extensive hours training and molding her into the most convincing of all. 

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Halloween Sissification Fantasy Phone Sex

halloween sissification

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

Last year I did a series of blogs about how I was a teacher.  Not just any teacher, but a teacher in one of those magic schools.  The one with the teens learning how to use magic like in those movies, you know the ones.  And I used my magic wand to turn all the boys into girls against their wills!  I got lots of compliments on them.  But I’ve been thinking lately what it would be like to be the villain of the story.

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Cinderella Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Anita  1-844-332-2639  ext 288

Story time can be quite sensual with my sissybois.  One of my favorites is Cinderella Sissy Story.  All dressed up, extremely extravagant in pretty frills from head to toe.  Without paying to much attention, you may not notice anything but a gorgeous Cinderella dressed up for balls.  I mean Ball.

But looks can be quite deceiving and underneath it all is a slut waiting to to be unleashed.  The fake breasts are a size too big.  The beautiful skirt is actually two sizes too small.  The blouse is beyond revealing.  It turns out that this beautiful Cinderella is nothing but a slut waiting to play.

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Sissy Cam Show Slut Phone Sex

sissy cam show

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

So here I was – I had in my employ a sissy that eagerly and vigorously could suck her own clitty.  Naturally, she loved being watched and gawked at, and was more than eager to help me earn a little bit of money.  So what better way to make some money than start a sissy cam show, right?  I had her register on one of those cam sites where the boys watch and tip.  Then I got her setup with a nice camera and mic.  After that, it was lights, camera, action!

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