Mistress Vanessa’s Sissy Tasks Phone Sex


MISTRESS VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I have a list of tasks for you. You must complete these in your journey:

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Panties Under Your Suit Phonesex


I want my sissy boy to remember his place all the time – especially when you’re at work! You might be the boss at the office, giving orders and delegating tasks. But we don’t want that power going to your head, I want you to always remember you are Miss Stacy’s pretty little sissy.

So to keep you in line I’ll pick out frilly pretty panties to wear under your tailored suit. Somedays I choose the pink lacy ones that rub against your cock in that delicious way, rough and soft at the same time, breezy so you’re reminded constantly that they’re there. If you’re good I’ll let you wear the white satin panties with the little pink bows on the front. The way the smooth and silky panties tease your sensitive areas makes you come home with wet and sticky panties stained with pre-cum. So wet it reveals your hard erect sissy cock straining to tear through that sheer fabric.

No one but me knows your secret. No one but me knows that under that power suit is a pretty girlie boy that does whatever Miss Stacy says.

I want to make sure you’re wearing them today, go to the washroom and take a photo in those panties for me. Better hope you don’t get caught. What would your employees say if they caught you with your pants around your ankles – their manly boss in panties?

xoxo Miss Stacy


Sinfully Sexy Phonesex – Stacy

Phone Sex Candy – Stacy

Milf Mistress Phone Sex Humiliation

Milf Mistress Maggie just loves to humiliate not so manly men!  

You know who you are and what you’re not! You’re a little femme boy a girlie man!  A panty lover a cock suckers a total whore for cum!

I do have a way with words!  Isn’t it time you heard them live?

Don’t keep Mistress waiting!

Milf Mistress Maggie



Faggy femme boy Phonesex

You possess such feminine qualities and one rather pathetic little dick! No matter how hard you try there is no way you will ever be a real man! 

It’s time to face the facts… you’re nothing but a faggy femme boy a girlie man with a tiny little dick!  Let me drive it deeper sissy boy you’re not even half a man!

Want to chat about your humiliation.

Goddess Eve

Mmmm…sissyboy phonesex

Milf Maggie loves phonesex sissy boys

Don’t you just love My panties sissyboy?  I bet you have a pair just like them.
They look so yummy!  Turn around sissyboy and show Mistress those cheeks.
you got a hot little ass!  Back around sissyboy and show Mistress the rest.
Oh you slut your clitty is hard!  Hands off sissyboy and beg Mistress for permission.

Mistress Maggie


Open Wide! Phonesex

My sissyboy was complaining that he couldn’t open his jaw wide enough to accommodate the O-ring gag I like to use on him to keep his mouth gaping and drooling while I slam into his ass with my strap-on.

His first mistake was the whining and complaining….but I’m always willing to let my sissies dig themselves just a little bit deeper.

He said his jaw locked up painfully after only a few minutes of wearing the ring gag, and explained that his pretty lipsticked mouth just wasn’t used to being stretched that wide.

Well – that sounded like a challenge, to me!  I put my panty boy on his knees in front of the bathroom door, and tied him so that the doorknob was jammed between his stretched jaws.  He couldn’t pull away – was unable to do anything except gurgle around the thick round doorknob.

I left him like that while my girlfriends and I went shoe shopping.  No sissyboy uses the word “can’t” with me.

Miss Erica



Voice Clip – Erica

Your sensual Phonesex Mistress

Milf Maggie loves phonesex sissy boys

This Mistress loves to torment pathetic little sissy boys.
My language is sensual!  My mind is powerful!

You are a pathetic whimp with nasty habits!  Isn’t it time you confessed to Mistress!

Fall to your knees and beg for My time and attention!
The only attention you will receive from Mistress Maggie is humiliation.
Delivered in the most sensual way.

What are you waiting for sissy boy!

Mistress Maggie


Phonesex sissy party

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

There’s going to be a sissy panty party at Danni’s house.

All panty loving sissy boys are invited.

And there’s going to be prizes!

First prize will go to…The best dressed pantyboy!
The winner will receive a shopping spree at every pantyboys favorite store Victoria’s Secret…yum yum!
you will get to choose your own pair of panties, try them on and of course pay for them.  The whole time Mistress Danni, the sales girls and all the lady shoppers will get to watch the sissy…laughing at the pathetic site.
Oh the humiliation!

Second prize will be awarded to…The smallest clitty!
The winner will be the honored guess at your very own Bukkake Party.
Imagine the excitement of all those cocks jacking off an your face!
Oh the humiliation and degradation!

Third prize will be handed out for…The best girlie girl wiggle!
The winner will get the job of cleaning up the nasty mess created by the second prize winner’s Bukkake Party.
The ultimate humiliation and degradation prize!

To qualify pick up and dial!!!

Mistress Danni

Phonesex sissy boys take a look!

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

Don’t you just love My boots sissy boy!

Are you drooling all over My supple leather covered legs?

On your knees and lick up your nasty mess!

Mmmm… you want a pair just like them don’t you slut?

I know!  Dirty Mistress Danni will pimp you out to the highest bidder. The winner will receive 30 days of your personal service doing whatever is required.

Your reward for a job well done will be My used smelly scuffed pink boots. Did you actually think I would buy you a new pair?  No way sissy boy I took the money the nasty man paid for your sweet sissy ass and bought Myself a shiny new pair of pink leather boots with 5 inch heels.

Now bend over and spread’em let’s see if they fit!

Dirty Mistress Danni