Olivia’s Darlings

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Olivia’s Darlings is a group of well-trained ladies who have taken extra steps to exceed in feminism.  I bet you would be a great candidate for one of my Darlings.  The most important aspect of being one of my Darlings is to just be yourself.  You know if it’s in you to be a Darling already.  Do you like the feel of smooth fine material next to your hairless body? What about fitted or frilly outerwear?  Is it important to you to look your best when you get the opportunity to shine? Can you choose the perfect color for your cheeks, lips, and nails? How long have you enjoyed being who you really are or are you still working on that?  This is a sisterhood you will enjoy being in. I’m looking forward to our first connection be it chat or phone. 

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Sissy Saint Patrick’s Day Stockings

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Sissy Saint Patrick’s Day Stockings – This day is no different than any other day because you should always be in stockings. But for St. Patty’s Day, I’m thinking long, cable knit knee socks and a plaid skirt. Show those sexy, sissy legs off like a true Irish lass. That little cocklette snug in the crotch of some white cotton panties with shamrocks printed on the fabric. You know you love how you feel in panties.

A sissy boy should always be wearing pantyhose or thigh high socks, that’s just a fact. You will slip them over your smooth, shaven legs. I want those legs hairless and so fucking smooth. Imagine how soft they will make your legs look. You might even pass for a real woman when wearing them.

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Listening to Those Sweet Sissy Moans Phonesex with Felicity


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I was over at my friend’s house over the weekend, and her twenty-year-old son had come home from the gym while we were sharing morning coffee. He was soaked in sweat, his biceps just swollen with that post-workout pump. He kissed his mom’s cheek, and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous!

I wanted those young, firm lips on me as well. He smiled politely at me and told us he’d be back after his shower. I closed my eyes and imagined him naked in the shower. It made my horny pussy tingle. I know I shouldn’t lust after my friend’s boy, but he just triggered me in a way that I couldn’t stop myself.

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A Personal Performance

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I know this dirty old perv who loves to watch when I bring home a sissy boy. I guess you could say it’s as if I put on a personal performance, like a live porno just for him. He has built a two-way mirror in one of the guest rooms so that I could put on a show for him without the other party even knowing.

This weekend I found this delicate young man who’d never been with a shemale before. I took him back to our special room to play with me. The lights were dim as we sat on the bed to make out. Our tongues were twisting together, and his hands were eager to get under my skirt. However, I wanted to slow my new toy down so I could really put on a show for the old perv.

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Teasing A Sissy Cock

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Teasing a Sissy Cock is so much fun and I just love a naughty sissy boy. I love seeing a sissy get himself into a dilemma and then beg me to bail him out. The power rush from it is just addictive, darling.

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Tormenting And Teasing Sissy Boys Phone Sex

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Tormenting and teasing sissy boys is something that should be done often. There is something so special about teasing and humiliating a naughty sissy boy. Most are so high strung and full of drama and I just can’t help watching them overreact and work themselves into a tizzy.

l have always loved to tease and torment sissy cock. When they whine and cry it just causes me to be even more cruel in my punishments. But, naughty sissy boys secretly love this. They know they deserve to be held accountable and disciplined for their slutty, over the top behavior.

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Annoying Sissy Boys Need A Hard Fucking Phone Sex

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Annoying sissy boys need a hard, relentless fucking. And that is what your sissy ass needs. You are so annoying, sissy boy. With all of your twirling and giggling you really get on my last nerve. I don’t have time for your silly nonsense anymore.  It’s time to punish that sissy ass isn’t it? Maybe a big dick shoved right up your sissy hole will make you behave.

This is just the cure for your giggling silliness. Once you feel that big dick in you, you won’t be laughing. I will go hard on your ass until you know that I mean business. In fact, you will be begging for more.

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Sissy Bitch Phone Sex Courtesy Of Vanessa

VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

Sissy Bitch Phone Sex is what I am here for. We both know how much you want be a sissy miss. I will start you off slow and steady. Instructing you to wear pink, lacy panties underneath your clothes. To everyone else you will seem like every other average man. Only you will know about your dirty little secret. This will give you such a thrill that your little clitty will tingle. I will then progressively have you do more tasks to incorporate this new sissy status into your professional “man” life. How does that sound to you? You are intrigued to say the least.

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Sissy Bitch Leaves His Wife For Honey Phone Sex

sissybitch phone sex

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, extension 300

Sissy Bitch is so sick of dealing with his cold and frigid wife. She’s never understood him. She never will. When he met me he was at a very low point. He said he felt dejected and misunderstood. I told him that he just needed to do it. He needed to go through a total transformation. That’s when the journey began.

Sissy Bitch was scared and his voice trembled. But I could also hear the excitement in his voice. It was undeniable. Once it started there was no going back. We both knew that from the beginning.

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Sissy Boy Cocksucking Lessons Phone Sex With Morgan’s Brothers

sissy boy

MORGAN 1-844-332-2639, extension 236

Sissy boy, I know you really want to be a cocksucker. The problem is you have no clue as to how to suck cock. You have dreamed about it and fantasized about choking on a big dick. But you are so scared. I can help you with that. Let me introduce you to my older brothers – Mac, Mason and Miles. They all have big, swinging dicks. I’m sure they will appreciate your pretty, little sissy mouth.

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