Teaching My Phone Sex Sissy How To Shave His Legs


Little sissy Courtney called me tonight asking me if I can teach her how to shave her legs. She went out and bought a web cam just so I could watch and make sure she was doing it right.

I had sissy Courtney prepare a warm bubble bath, gather up some razors, shaving cream, and lotion for afterwards. I had sissy Courtney then set up the cam and climb in the tub. What a cute little ass she has. *giggles*

Sissy Courtney was instructed to lather one leg up really good with the shaving cream, and leave her leg outside of the tub. Taking the razor sissy Courtney was told to make long, slow strokes following the hair’s natural growth grain. Needless to say sissy Courtney cut her leg on the first stroke. *sigh*

This continued the whole way through the phone call, FINALLY sissy Courtney was finished and it was time to get out and put some lotion on those cut up legs. You should have heard her yelp as she applied the lotion. *giggles*

Are you a sissy who needs help and training? Give me a call and I will be glad to help. *giggles*

Teen Mistress Laylene





Phone Sex Manicure for a Sissy


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


I want all of my Sissy’s to have shiny red fingernails for tomorrow. I want them carefully manicured and polished. Even if it’s only for an hour, you are to spend some time on your hands, making sure they are moisturized. Buffing your nails, pushing back the cuticles, filing them nice and pretty.

Then you’re going to take your shiny red polish and carefully brush it onto your nails watching them get painted and look so slutty.

My horny sissy sluts will also put bright red lipstick on their pouty lips while they work on their hands.

But NO touching your naughty clitty while you do this!

More About Lily

Sample Lily

Sissy Wendy’s New Phone Sex Toys


My favorite little sissy called me tonight to tell me all about her new outfit she got. A cute pink camisole with matching panties. She also informed me she bought some pretty pink lipstick as well as a new 6 inch dildo for me to play with. *giggles*

My little sissy Wendy knows how much I enjoy watching her suck on a dildo with her lips painted a pretty shade of pink . So as I watched her slide her lips over the dildo I noticed she was not taking that dildo in the whole way and decided to help her, by placing my hand on her head and gently pushing down on it.

Just watching her take the full 6 inches into her throat got me so excited! Now, it was time to test out sissy Wendy’s new toy on her tight little boy pussy. I had her lay on her back and caress her little clitty as she pressed the tip of her dildo against her pucker hole.

Listening to her moan and breathe was so fucking hot. I knew I was giving her pleasure just by letting her fuck herself for me. Then little Sissy Wendy asked me if she could cum…I told her of course I mean after all she did go shopping and get all the things on her list. *giggles*

Want to play with a hot young Mistress like sissy Wendy….Give me a call.

Teen Mistress Laylene





Hooked on phonesex

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

Are you hooked on phonesex sissy boy?

You know who you are sissy boy! What you need is a Mistress who loves to tease and torment pathetic little sissy boys!

So why haven’t you called Mistress Danni?

It’s time you did sissy boy, how else are you going to experience Mistress Danni’s sultry sexy voice and naughty mind!

Just one call and you will be hooked!

You won’t be able to resist sexy naughty Mistress Danni!

Mistress is waiting to hook you sissy boy!

Sultry Mistress Danni


Announcement….Free Phonesex call Winner

Milf Maggie loves phonesex sissy boys

Milf Maggie wants to personally congratulate “babyricky”
You are this weeks lucky winner of a free 15 minute phonesex call with the girl of your choice!

I want to enter too so how does it work?

 It’s simple boys all you have to do is come join us in our phonesex chatroom and click on the link for phonesexcentral.  The only catch…you can only vote every 3 hours and you must present the vote code and the position of our banner to one of our hot phonesex ladies.

Still don’t understand well just ask one of the hot ladies in chat and they will walk you through it.

We have a hot group of sexy ladies just waiting to make your day!

MILF Maggie

Are you ready phonesex sissy?

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

All Phonesex sissy’s must have the basics ready for playtime with Mistress Danni!

Panties…Oh the choices!  What style will it be…bikini, thong or maybe sexy little boy shorts, silky or lacy or cute little girlie cotton panties.  The color choices are endless however Mistress Danni prefers her sissy’s in pink!

Bra’s…Do you prefer little sexy lacy push up or a silky strapless or maybe a training bra is more your style.  Oh lets not forget pink is your Mistresses choice for the best dressed sissy!

Pantyhose or thigh highs…No pantyhose for Mistress Danni’s sissyboys.  I want you in thigh highs,  nude for day time play and black fishnets for the nights I pimp you out.

Shoes…Every sissy slut must have a pair of 5 inch fuck me pumps!  It sends out a message that you are always ready to bend over and be fucked by your Mistress or whoever I choose.

Lipstick…Of course a sissy must have cocksucker red lipstick perfect for sucking the biggest cock.

So sissy’s are you dressed and ready to call?

Mistress Danni


So You Want to Call Me Your Phonesex Mistress?

Too many of you sissy boys cum into our chat room and immediately address me as Mistress Erica.  You may think it’s some sort of compliment – but in fact, I find it rather insulting.  Do you think it’s so easy, to be my slave?  That all you need is an inclination to serve, and I will accept you and take responsibility for you on the spot?

Nooo, sweetie.  If you want to experience the divine pleasure of calling me Mistress and serving my every desire, I will need a sincere show of devotion from you.  My girly boys work very hard to satisfy my twisted whims, and I reward them generously for their efforts.

If you want to earn the privilege of calling me Mistress, you will of course have to call me.  I will select a pair of my prettiest panties with you in mind, and I’ll tell you what nasty things I’m going to do in them.  Then you must tell me what you will do with them, afterwards.  If your answer pleases me, I will consider your application as one of my slaves.

Until then, you’re just another pansy fapping in his panties…and it’s Miss Erica to you, babe.

Miss Erica




Voice Clip – Erica

Making A Mess In My Sissy’s Panties Phone Sex


I keep having this craving to see a sissy slut bent over in some sexy panties. I want to pull them to the side and slip on my big strap on, pull those panties around one ass cheek as I grab it with my hand digging my pretty painted fingernails in a bit pulling on it and letting it go with a slap.

You need to be filled up like a sissy cock whore don’t you? Oh yes, I know your pussy is needing a good fucking so bad. I want to watch your lipstick get smeared all over your face while you devour a big thick black dick for me like a good girl. Make your titties bounce while I pull your hair and fuck your pussy with my big dick.

We’re going to make a big mess in your frilly girly panties aren’t we?




slutty sissy Phonesex

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

Hello sissy boy!

Feeling pretty tonight?  Or maybe slutty is the best way to describe you sissy boy!

Bet you’re dreaming about cock tonight sissy slut!   Mmmm…a nice thick long hard cock filling your little sissy mouth with those lips all painted cocksucker red!

Dirty Mistress Danni will take you out and watch you pimp out your mouth!

On your knees you slutty cocksucking whore.

You know you need it, you know you want it,  you know you crave it!

Nasty Mistress Danni


Phone Sex Sissy Katie’s Date Night In

My sweet little sissy Katie and I made a nice little play date for her and one of my male friends. My friend was to arrive around 6:00pm so we had to get sissy Katie ready for her night in. We began with a hot bubble bath, to smell more feminine and shave those nasty legs of his. Of course I had to help since this was the first time sissy Katie had attempted it.

I must say for a little sissy he did well. Once the legs were all smooth I gave sissy Katie some lotion to rub on them. Wrapped in a towel sissy Katie sat on the edge of the bed and applied the lotion. Now, it was time to get dressed. I picked out  a pair of nude nylons, black panties, and a black lace bra, 3 inch heels, a pretty grey pencil skirt, and pink blouse.

Sissy Katie looked wonderful, next, was time for the hair and make up. We had a little time left but not too much. I could tell as the time drew near sissy Katie grew nervous. It was fun to watch her squirm about. Then it came 6:00pm and the knock at the door…

Give me a call and I will show you what sissy Katie did that night for my male friend.

Mistress Laylene