Sissy Seductress Phone Sex

Red Head Pulling Off Black Lace Lingerie Teddy For Sissy

~Idun~ 844-332-2639 ext 369

I’m the Sissy Seductress of your dreams. You have been searching for a poised and beautiful woman to take you further with sissification or feminization. Whatever your goals may be, you will learn to be my good girl forever. You will not disappoint me because I’ll make you regret it if you do!

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I have been thinking phone sex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

I have been thinking about all the little things I can have you do for me to prove your sissy worth. I have a nice training program tailored just for you. We have spent enough time together now that I know you and what you need to be a sissy to your full potential.

I am going to take you on a learning adventure with me. You are going to find out things about yourself and your body that you never dreamed was inside of you. All you are needing is the right teacher with the right skills.

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New sissy bitch phone sex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

I have had so many offers from so many sissies to be my new sissy bitch. I have had such a hard time trying to choose. So I have decided to have an all-out throw down. I am going to pick 10 of the applicants.

They will perform tasks for me. Such tasks as proving their submission. Picking out their out sissy garb to wear, then dressing in what I chose with no complaints. Following my commands and demands. Just pressing everything and everyone to their own personal limits.

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Miss Mona’s Panty Worship Phonesex

panty worshipMONA MOANS 1-844-332-2636 EXT 316

Panty Worship Phone Sex With Miss Mona

First, get used to seeing my panties from that angle darlings. Because panty worship with Miss Mona begins on the floor. Where you belong. Perhaps you already know your place. Or, you might be the kind of slut that requires a firm hand and some discipline. Don’t worry. Because I am here to guide your panty worship voyage.

And, what an adventure it can be with me. Starting on the floor? Yes. But possibly ending up with those very panties you’re only allowed to look at now, on your body! Wearing them? Tasting them? We’ll see where this path takes us now, won’t we?

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