Happy Valentine’s Day Mistress Phone Sex Cheer


I had to share this with you all. My darling little Ashley wrote this for me, and I thought it was just the sweetest things…

Valentine’s Day is totally so sweet!
its such a girly day for girls and really a treat!
i luv Miss Rayne!  and i want to be Her girl!
She’s my favorite valentine in the whole wide world!
i will be a good girl and obey Her in every way!
may i please be Your cheer girl Miss Rayne, on Valentine’s Day!!!

Are you a good little sissy girl who would love to have some wonderful phone sex with a sensual Mistress? Then come see me today. I love playing nice with all you sweet little girlie girls.

Sensual Mistress Rayne




Phone Sex Sissy Goes Shopping For Sexy High Heels


I sent my little sissy, Courtney out today for some high heels. She asked me how she should dress and how she should ask the saleswoman for help. *sigh* “Oh, Courtney” I told her “you must wear nylons you don’t want to try on sexy high heels with socks on do you?”

“No, but I do not want people to know what I am doing.” was her reply. Silly girl that is half the fun! You need heels and you need to buy them from a store NO online purchases! Finally, Courtney was ready to go she had on pair of jeans and under those a sexy pair of nude nylons. “Courtney my dear do you have your girlie wallet with your money in it?” I asked on the way out of the door.

When we arrived at Payless, they were packed with ladies, gents, and kiddos all looking for some new shoes. In walks little sissy Courtney, she went to the counter and asked the woman if she would be able to help her find shoes. Well, the woman immediately took her to the men’s department. *giggles*

“Oh no I need to find high heels” Courtney told the woman. With a look of shock and embarrassment the woman took her to the ladies department. I don’t know who’s face was redder sissy Courtney or the sales woman’s. *giggles*

Courtney took a seat on the bench and allowed the woman to measure her feet and find her the correct size. When she went to put the heels on Courtney her face grew redder because she saw sissy Courtney had on a pair of stockings. The woman finally asked Courtney what was going on at this point, and little sissy Courtney had to explain how her Mistress has instructed her to get a pair of sexy high heels today.

With a shake of her head the saleswoman went and got a pair of 3 inch red high heels with an ankle strap, and placed them on Courtney’s feet. When Courtney got up to try and walk in them and see how they fit, she just about fell over. *giggles* I suppose Courtney will need lots of practice in her new heels.

Teen Mistress Laylene




Sissy Task From Your Mistress Phone Sex


Hello sissy boys and girls I have a new task for you. Today you are going to write 100 ways that you are a sissy. You will then need to call me to read them to me, so I can make sure you did your task right.

Here is an example of what sissy Courtney did for me…

I am a sissy in panties.
I wear sissy panties
I am a panty sissy
Sissies like me wear panties
Panties are worn by sissies like me
I am a panty sissy
I wear panties as I am a sissy
Sissies wear panties
I am a panty wearing sissy
Sissies are panty wearers
I like to be a sissy in panties
Panty wearing sissy I am
I wear women’s panties
I am a sissy
I am a panty wearing sissy whore
I am a panty sissy
Panties are worn by sissies like me
I am a panty sissy
I am a panty wearing sissy
What a sissy I am
I am a panties whore
I like to be a sissy
I am a sissy
I wear panties

Now, all you little sissies get going and get your new task for the week done. Once you have called and made sure you did the task right, I want you to wear your pretty panties everyday all day and when you first put them on, you will recite this list to yourself while standing in front of the mirror wearing only your panties.

Mistress Laylene




A poem for Phonesex sissy boys

Dirty phonesex with Danni

Pretty little sissy boy all dressed in white!

Panty covered pussy hole is oh so tight!

Bend over sissy boy all dressed in white!

Going to fuck your pussy hole with all my might!

Mistress Danni

Mistress Maggie loves to turn sissy boys into girlie girls Phonesex

Milf Maggie loves phonesex sissy boys

Hello all you sissy boys, you say your not girlie enough!

Milf Mistress Maggie can fix that for you!

You need lessons in girlie girl ways. 

Cum and visit with MILF Maggie and I promise when you leave you be transformed into the perfect sissy girlie girl.

Mistress Maggie

phonesex sissy boys~Welcome to Cell Block C~suzy’s fate!

Hotwife Eve loves a man in panties

Chapter 2 Law and Order! suzy’s fate!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury you have heard all the evidence in this case.

On that hot humid summer afternoon sissy crystal a fine upstanding citizen was walking through the park and without provocation was brutally attacked by the defendant sissy suzy. The defendant claims to be the victim in this case, however the eye witness testimony proves beyond reasonable doubt who was the real victim on that fatal day!

The defense council has not produced one piece of evidence to prove sissy’s suzy’s claim of self defense. We can not allow a sissy with such disregard for others to roam the streets. I know you will do the right thing and find sissy suzy guilty.

When little sissy suzy took the stand and told the truth and nothing but the truth!  No one believed her and why should they, not one witness saw sissy crystal land the first crushing blow.
Poor suzy never had a chance, even with the best council hired by Mistress could help her now!

It only took the jury 2 hours to reach a verdict.

The courtroom fell silent…the shocked spectators were stunned by the verdict! Precious sweet sissy suzy didn’t deserve such consequences! The sissies Mistress was devastated and in tears! Her beloved sissy was going to spend the next 15 years in the most dreaded prison in the land.

sissy suzy dressed in her pretty pink suit held her head in shame as the guards dragged her away to board the prison bus.

sissy suzy found herself sharing a seat with a fat vial smelly man who’s large body squished her pathetic feminine form against the window of the bus.  He grinned at the little sissy saying only two words…FRESH MEAT!!!

Did you happen to miss Chapter 1 or want to read it again sissy boys?

You can find it now

Goddess Eve