Panties Under Your Suit Phonesex


I want my sissy boy to remember his place all the time – especially when you’re at work! You might be the boss at the office, giving orders and delegating tasks. But we don’t want that power going to your head, I want you to always remember you are Miss Stacy’s pretty little sissy.

So to keep you in line I’ll pick out frilly pretty panties to wear under your tailored suit. Somedays I choose the pink lacy ones that rub against your cock in that delicious way, rough and soft at the same time, breezy so you’re reminded constantly that they’re there. If you’re good I’ll let you wear the white satin panties with the little pink bows on the front. The way the smooth and silky panties tease your sensitive areas makes you come home with wet and sticky panties stained with pre-cum. So wet it reveals your hard erect sissy cock straining to tear through that sheer fabric.

No one but me knows your secret. No one but me knows that under that power suit is a pretty girlie boy that does whatever Miss Stacy says.

I want to make sure you’re wearing them today, go to the washroom and take a photo in those panties for me. Better hope you don’t get caught. What would your employees say if they caught you with your pants around your ankles – their manly boss in panties?

xoxo Miss Stacy


Sinfully Sexy Phonesex – Stacy

Phone Sex Candy – Stacy

A Better Woman Than A Man Phonesex

He came to me a pitiful waste of a man, he knew it by the way he was always looking at the ground that he would never measure up to the men around him and he was feeling defeated, weak and useless. The more we talked the more I realized that he would make a much better woman than he would a man. Nature had given him a tiny little dick much more suited to the title clit than cock, a soft round face that with the proper make up could be made into an attractive girl’s face but never a strong man’s face. His demeanor was one of defeat and intimidation. I tried an experiment.

We ordered him a power slut dress, bright red, short tight and low in all the right places. Of course there were the purchases of lingerie, one set for everyday sort of wear then a sexy set for entertaining.  I sent him out to purchase make up and stockings and a pair of bright red fuck me heels. I had him purchase perfume, nail polish and lip gloss even a big bottle of bubble bath. By the time a few weeks had passed this useless male had begun to understand the power of being a beautiful girl. I did skip a few steps in there but if you know you would make a better woman than you do a man then call me we will set you up on the diva development program too.



Molding you into my Perfect Sissy Slut Phonesex

Sinfully Delightful Torrence 866-230-8732

I dress you so pretty, tucking you, plugging you, dressing you for the night, bringing out that inner slut you’ve been aching to let out to play but have been soo afraid to let happen. But I’ve pushed those limits, just enough to drive you to the point of insanity thinking about it. You know you can’t stop now, and you don’t want to. I’m taking you out for the night, to take your first real cock on those slutty knees.

I will bring out the sissy slut within you and mold you into the sexy sissy you crave and ache to become

Sissy Maker Torrence


Betsy Wetsy Twinkle Toes Phone Sex


Betsy Wetsy Twinkle Toes walks into room and curtsies.

Betsy Wetsy Twinkle Toes: “Mistress Carly, how may I serve you today?”

Mistress Carly:  “Shave off all your nasty pubic hair,  mix it with a glass full of your own cum and drink every drop.”

Betsy Wetsy Twinkle Toes(with tears in his eyes and head bowed):

“Yes, Mistress Carly,  Anything you wish, Mistress.  It is my pleasure to serve you, ma’m.”

Mistress Carly



Total Transformation Phone Sex

It is time to throw away your old life as a man, and get ready to experience your true desire, which is living your life as a sissy girl. It doesn’t matter if you can only do this when you are alone or not, it just matters that you are dedicated to transforming yourself into the perfect, obedient sissy for me.

If you are interesting in starting an extensive sissy training program with me, all you have to do is email or call me so we can set this up! Obedience, loyalty and dedication are a must!

Its time to embark on your new life.

Erotic Hypnotic Rhonda



Sissy Training From A Princess Phone Sex

I know you are totally sick of being trapped in that icky mans body!!Let me teach you everything I know, and everything you need to know in order to become an amazingly hot, confident sissy. You will be just like me!! I have so many lessons and tasks for you to complete in order to become the perfect woman!!! Lets start with lesson 1. Building confidence. If you arent confident, there really is no need in even becoming just like me. But not to worry, I can teach you how to walk, talk, look, and act soo confident, so you can feel good about yourself, and the way that you look and act, as well as how others are going to see you!! Trust me, Id never let my handy work go out in public unless I was totally happy with the results!! So pick up that phone girlfriend, or email me. We have a lot of work to do!! It’s time to be proud of who you are!! All you need is guidance from the perfect Princess.

~Princess Taylor


Spanking Sissys Phone Sex

Calling all sissies!!! Its Taylors Spank-a-thon sissy style!!! I want each

and every one of you little sissies to form a line! Each of you better

be wearing a little frilly mini skirt with a pink thong on! When it is

your turn to step up to my spanking chair, you will either lay across

my lap, or bend over and grab your ankles ( this is for the true whores).

Depending on my mood, I will either spank you with my hand, a pink

hair brush, a big thick whip, or a nice pink stained wooden paddle!!

~Princess Taylor


Phone Sex Sissy Surprise

I invited you over to my house for some fun, and you totally thought

that you were going to get to fuck me! But joke was on you !!!! I thought

it would be so much more fun to dress you up and take pictures of you

dressed up in my clothes!! It was after cheer practice, and I had on my

super cute cheerleading outfit, and I was sitting on the bed, and told you

what you were going to wear for me, and when you asked what, I lifted up

my skirt and showed you my cute lil panties! It was soo funny seeing your

mouth drop open, realizing that I was going to force you to become a lil

barbie doll bff sissy princess for me! Ohhh, we are going to have so much

fun tonight during our sleepover!!! Wanna know whats in store? You know

what to do!

~Princess Taylor


Sissy Transformation Phone Sex

My fave part of playing with a sissy, is the transformation period.

Taking you from being a boring old man, to a hot n sexy woman!!

I have so much fun picking out lingerie for you, and cute and sexy

outfits…doing your hair super cute, your nails..toenails….makeup!!!!

Ohhhh its sooo much fun!!!! Having you model all sorts of outfits

for me until we find the perfect one for you to wear that night!!

Ohh, and teaching you how to get what you want from a man..

mmmm so you can be just like me! PERFECT in every way!!!

U know what to do my lil sissy!!! Call/chat/email me!!

~Princess Taylor


Phone Sex faggy sissy foot slave

I’ve always felt the femme faggy sissy boy makes the most excellent of foot slaves! Those tiny femme boy’s with slight feminine features are the best to own since they fit perfectly in any closet when not in use!  

My hard wood floor is where My foot slave performs his duties of massage, manicure and most importantly to worship perfection and flawless beauty! And at the end of a long hard day My foot slave turns into My human ottoman!

The work is never done when one is a foot slave to My perfect flawless pair!

Kinky Lady Alexandra