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Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy, I watch as you come from your bath. Wrapped in a soft pink robe and matching shoes. Such a perfect size you are, petite and feminine. I have laid out your clothes for the day as we have an incredibly special time planned love. Your eyes brighten as you see a new pair of pink nylon panties and a matching bra on the bed. You practically dance with excitement seeing your thick pink jeweled butt plug. Hurriedly you grab the fishnet thigh highs and put them on, then your panties and bra, and finally your short black slutty dress. Then you slip on your heels and come to me.

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Olivia’s Newest “Darling”

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

Olivia’s Newest “Darling“; as you know when you graduate from Olivia’s Sissy Training you are a “Darling”.  My “Darlings” learn how to be the perfect sissy and gain the self-confidence to move smoothly through their world.  Member how you were so scared to be who you are?  That will all change once you gain your diploma. By the time you finish my lessons, you will use your lessons to be the sissy you want to be.  Sissies are different you know.  Like I helped my most recent sissy be relaxed enough to meet her shemale and fuck the entire weekend.  She called me today and thanked me over and over; telling me all the sorted details.  She was so excited when telling me how she was brought to more than one climax she actually got off two times sharing her weekend adventures.  

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Pathetic Sissy Slut Phone Sex

So, it’s penetration you’re looking for? Well, take a look at the 12 inches of plastic between my legs with your name written all over it. What’s that, you wanted to penetrate me? Oh, no, not this time dear. The only question here is if it’s going in the front entrance, or the rear. Are you ready to be my boy toy you pathetic little slut? Yes you are mine now all mine. You will  do as you are told when you  are told. You will suck cock for me and bend over and get that man pussy of yours pounded for my amusement.

Giggles and Kisses



Feminine Phone Sex Desires

Mistress Maggie loves to tease and humiliate pathetic men with feminine desires!

Young or old it doesn’t matter your girlie thoughts and fag boy fantasies always end the same! A sissy strutting her stuff in slutty feminine attire!  Glossy red lips just waiting to be used! A tight little man pussy just aching to be filled!

What a whore you are sissyboy!

MILF Mistress Maggie

Phone Sex Losers

Mistress Maggie loves to humiliate pathetic losers!

Are you a pathetic loser sissy boy?  So what exactly do you think a loser like you has to offer a Hot Milf Mistress? Can’t answer that question can you sissy boy? That’s because you are a pathetic useless loser. 

If you figure out how to please Mistress Maggie you will be rewarded to nothing but humiliation! 

What are you waiting for sissy boy!

Mistress Maggie

Shop for Me Phone Sex

I think it would be a super fun time if you were to call me while you

were out at all the cute girly stores shopping, and I would be there

to help you pick out the perfect sissy outfit and toys!!! I know better

than you do what things you could buy to make you become a true

girly girl sissy bitch!!I can even ask the cute sales lady to help you

pick out the perfect things to try on, and have her tell me how you

look in each outfit!! It will be soooo much fun!! Call me soon!!

~Princess Taylor


Sissy Sucks Cock in RV Phone Sex

My little sissy cock slut, (we will call him Dean), was so proud of himself this week.  He met this guy and an RV park and sucked this man’s huge uncircumcised, long, black penis. He gave him a blow job right there in the RV park. He did such a good job the guy came quickly right in his mouth, without even have to jerk it!  I watched him strokd his hard clitty,  on web cam, while he described how he worshipped that big black cock, and savored every drop of cum when squirted deep into his throat. I taught him well!



Sissy Spankfest Phone Sex

Calling all sissies!!! Its Taylors Spank-a-thon sissy style!!! I want each

and every one of you little sissies to form a line! Each of you better

be wearing a little frilly mini skirt with a pink thong on! When it is

your turn to step up to my spanking chair, you will either lay across

my lap, or bend over and grab your ankles ( this is for the true whores).

Depending on my mood, I will either spank you with my hand, a pink

hair brush, a big thick whip, or a nice pink stained wooden paddle!!

~Princess Taylor


Phone Sex Sissies

Hello my little panty sluts. Ready to get dress up to please a beautiful woman. I hope so because I love teasing little sissy boys like you and making you into a little slut.  Have you noticed how your nipples when you button your shirt over them or try on a bra? Well that’s because I have been slipping hormones into your drink to make you become more feminine.  Don’t worry I am going to help you become the little woman you were meant to be.



I know your secret Phonesex sissy boy!

It’s so obvious you’re so transparent!  I can see right through that fake macho facade. Yes I see and know your need to feel pretty and oh so feminine!  A secret stash of lingerie, make-up and dildo’s are waiting for the next opportunity! 

And guess what else I know about you?  I know your nastiest desire! You know the one the one you try to forget since it’s so gay!  Don’t try and deny it! Can’t say it can you fag boy?  Let Me assist you with just the right words cock sucking whore!  Yeah that’s right cock whore you crave a hard shaft just like the one I just forced down your throat.  Here cums your reward one hot sticky creamy treat. 

So who are you going to trust with your most private gay secrets?

Kinky Lady Alex