Put On My Panties

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I was changing in the boys’ locker room. Some places are still so behind in their mindset, and because I have a cock, they force me in here. They don’t care about my personal choices or how I identify. They see things in black and white. Cock or no cock. No in between, so there I was, drying off my body after a shower and forced to feel insecure in a place I should feel safe and confident.

Something caught my eye, and I turned to find you watching me as I pulled my panties up over my ass. Only you were really looking at me; you were lusting after the material I was tugging over my ass. Do you want to put on my panties?

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Boys Love Boobs Almost as Much As Sissies Do Phonesex

Pretty, blonde, MILF felicity cups her bar covered tits while kneeling.

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Boobs, tits, flesh bags, no matter how you identify them, you sissies are more obsessed with those mounds of jello than real boys are. Sure, maybe you are so crazy about them because you ache to have a sexy set of your own, but lately, that is all I have heard from my girls.

“I can’t wait to have breasts! Big, big ones!” What is it about those heavy breast forms that finally trigger your sissy senses into believing you’re a real girl?

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