Profess Your Love for Mommy, Sissy Phonesex

Sissy Phonesex
This Mommy takes control of EVERYTHING…

I recently wrote an expose piece on my darling Sissy Michell. She loved it so much that she felt  she had no choice but to respond with a heartfelt love letter. Michell is very devoted to our training, and she has handed control of everything to me. I’d like to share some of her most intimate thoughts about me with you…

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Mommy’s Darling Sissy Phonesex

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Hello Darling Sissy Phonesex girls. I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my darling sissy, Michell. She will do anything for her Mommy Silver. She can’t help it, she’s been mind fucked by me. I’ve wound her around my little finger. She loves being controlled by me. You see, I control everything when it comes to this frilly sissy.

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