Learn the basics first Phonesex

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Lesson #1. I know you’re excited that I finally agreed to teach you how to be a girl. But, to be a real girl you have to Learn the basics first Phonesex. If you want men looking at you with vulgar thoughts, you must learn how to dress like a real sexy and attractive slut.

Ok, so to be noticed you need to put on the sexiest and slutty clothes. Since you are only learning how to be a hot and sexy girl, and don’t have much girl’s clothing, you can borrow some from me. But only for a little while. I’m gonna need them back.

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BBC Sissy Phone Sex

His sissy name was Becky.  God they always picked such cheesy girl names.  Becky, Courtney, Freja (what ever the hell that is).  I had him on all fours on the coffee table.  His clean pink hole was shave smooth just like I had instructed.

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