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Hypnosis Helps. Sitting and watching across the room as he entered the party in a maid’s uniform. A faint smile crossed my lips as I remembered our conversation during his hypnotic session last evening. He had expressed his secret life as a cross-dresser and wanted to come “out”. After putting him into a very relaxed hypnotic trance I had him visualize himself attending and serving as a maid at my party. I had him feel the outfit; how the ruffle felt on the underskirt and how the bra pushed his boobs up. At our next session, I asked him if he had enjoyed his time as a maid. He said he knew what he was doing but he felt it was something that made him do it. I smiled again. He then asked how he could experience pleasuring a man.

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Sissy Hypnosis: The Phonesex Bully Cure

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The sissy hypnosis punishment of my friend’s son’s bully began this way. Walking up along my friend’s driveway, I couldn’t help but notice her son was sitting in his car crying. My heart broke for him immediately, he is such a good boy. Tapping on the window I asked him what was wrong. Of course, he at first said that nothing was wrong but it was hardly believable with his tear stained eyes and red nose.

Slipping into the passenger’s side, eventually, I was able to get him to tell me that a boy from his school had been picking on him. This bully took every opportunity to humiliate and harass him. Then and there I decided that I was not going to let this pass. Somehow, some way I would make him stop.

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