Be My Girlfriend Phone Sex

Pretty Red Head Wearing Pink Lingerie And Holding Coffee Cup Wanting You To Be Her Girlfriend

~Idun~ 844-332-2639 ext 369

It’s no secret that I love women as well as men. I won’t date just any woman though. The women I bring home are refined and beautiful. Far from the cheap sissy whores that I pimp out. A lot of sissy girls think they have what it takes to date me but my standards are sky high. Do you think you have what it takes to be my girlfriend?

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College Sissy Task Phone Sex

Red Head College Co Ed Wearing Tight White Dress And Black High Heels

~Idun~ 844-332-2639 ext 369

You have to keep your sissy desires a secret because you’re in college and don’t want anyone else to find out. Especially your male roommate! What would he think if he came home to find you dressed up like a sissy girl?! You still take the risk and ask me to give you sissy tasks to complete.

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Hot Sissy Girlfriend Phone Sex

Red Head Topless Wearing Lingerie Hot Sissy Girlfriend Phone Sex

~Idun~ 844-332-2639 ext 369

I need a hot sissy girlfriend to be my right wing girl. It feels amazing to have a sexy woman by my side wherever I go. I love the way guys stare at us when we go out together. They’re staring because I made you look as hot as me. We’re the perfect pair! Thanks to our beauty, we’ll have no shortage of men and power.

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Spill The Tea Sissy Girl Phone Sex

Red Head in Pink Lingerie Spill The Tea

~Idun~ 1-844-332-2639 ext 369

Sissies can be so nervous! Once I break them in, they start acting like the flamboyant sissy queens that I know they are. You are used to keeping so many secrets from everyone. You have nothing to hide with me! I want you to spill the tea and tell me what makes your clitty twitch!

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Catching A Sissy In Panties Phonesex

During highschool and the beginning of college I worked at an upscale clothing store. One day while tidying the changing rooms, during a lull, I swung the last door of the change room open only to find a man inside. I began to apologize and pull the door shut as I noticed that he was naked save for a pair of lacy pink panties and a matching bra.

I froze, he froze, his face a bright red. I couldn’t help myself, I giggled at the sight of a grown man in women’s underwear. He looked down embarrassment. But I could tell from his demeanour he wanted to me to catch him dressed as a sissy. I noticed, that hidden among the chinos and polos he’d picked out a couple of dresses to try on. They were ugly and the wrong size. He needed my help.

I told the sissy not to leave and he nodded – he wanted this so bad. I found a couple of dresses I knew would look pretty on my new sissy girlfriend. The smile on his face when he put them convinced me, I loved helping sissies. He would come back frequently during the quiet times of day. I’d offer suggestions of how he should dress, apply his lipstick, and I even encourage him to suck another man’s cock.

I’d like to help my new sissy girlfriends here. So watch this space for sissy tutorials on everything from where to buy heels, to how to behave at a gloryhole. Stacy’s Sissy Finishing School is now is session!
xoxo Stacy


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