Do you like to play dress up? Phonesex dress up with Sophia

Come on over to my place with all your pretty things and lets play dress up today. I love watching you try on your clothes and putting on your makeup for you. I will let you wear my special perfume my Daddy got me for my birthday if you’re a good girl.

I have lots of pretty things I will share with you to. I have panties made of lace and satin,I have frilly girlie  dresses, stockings and hoes. I have tons of great makeup and some very sweet smelling perfume. Let’s play dress up and have some fun today.



Beautiful Blondes Phone Sex

Look at us. We are gorgeous. Cory and I are sisters, and we know you would give anything to be just like us. The perfect blonde woman. You want to walk like us, talk like us, and be able to perform sexually..just like us!! We can make that happen. All you have to do is listen to us, and obey. Before you know it, you will be a blonde bombshell goddess just like the two of us.

We have all the tools and training you need. Let us in to your mind, and your body will begin to respond to our voices. What you have always wanted is right here in front of you.





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Halloween Contest for a Phone Sex Sissy!

Attention to all of you gorgeous Sissy’s out there! Halloween is coming up and we’re having a BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST! From now until the end of October, you may submit a photo of you in your costume along with permission to use the photos on our sites to…

Prizes are as follows:

  • 1rst place – 1 hour worth of FREE calls
  • 2nd place – 30 minutes
  • 3rd place – 10 minutes

So get your most convincing outfit on and those camera’s ready. It’s time to strike a pose and show us just how much you love dressing up!



Milf Denise

PhoneSex Candy Denise