Boyfriend Becomes My New Sissy Bitch Phone Sex

Red Head Wearing Tight Dress Leaning Against Wall For Boyfriend

~Idun~ 844-332-2639 ext 369

My newest boyfriend took me out on a romantic weekend getaway. I knew he was hoping to have sex with me. I made him wait three months, edging him on and off before I decided that he deserved to fuck me. You can imagine my disappointment when I finally saw how small his penis was. From that moment on, he wasn’t my boyfriend anymore. He is now my sissy bitch!

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Cum Eating Loser Boy Phone Sex Cuck

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A  cum eating loser boy cuck represents a second class “man” for second-hand seed. The salty creamy deliciousness that is dripping from the pussy you crave needs your submissive skill set. Your little weenie isn’t going to do the trick,but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a contributing member of my sex life (with REAL MEN). You simply must know your place. Your place is underneath me and him and anyone else I invite. Got it?

Before cleaning your cuck cumshots out of my satisfied slit, you can fluff for me! You look like a good dick sucking fucking whore. I mean, with that little fucking thumbelina inchworm clit you’re not going to be getting any action from women. You may as well succumb to your mouth-watering reality by having a real man’s cock plunging down your throat until you gag.


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Sissy Cuckold Phonesex

Mistress Collette 1-844-332-2639   ext 383

Surprise!  I left you all handcuffed and chastised up for a while.  Blindfolded.  Not knowing when your mistress was going to come back.  I want you to see, hear and feel everything.  Do you hear me, my little slave!

For starters, you’ve always liked looking at my panties.  Haven’t you?  I’m going to take them off.  The only time you ever get to see my cunt is right before I tease you.  Humiliate you.  This time, I think you should wear my smelly panties. 

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