Mistress Gets What Mistress Wants Phone Sex

Mistress Anita  1-844-332-2639  ext 288

Ok, listen up beta boi, or sissy boi.  Do you really think you can be my little stroker boi???  If you really do desire that then, yes, I will allow you to have the privilege of that sissy clit of yours or that useless piece of whatever in my presence.  But there is a condition I will place in front of you.

You will have to eat your own cum.  “Why?” you may ask.  Well, first of all because I want you to.  I have “Mistress” in front of my name for a reason, don’t I?  And second of all, it is because I always get what I want.  Plain and simple, that is how this works. 

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Fingering Your Boi Pussy Phonesex

Sex Kitten Lyric  844-332-2639  x247

Do you know why I have you locked away i chastity?  It’s because I enjoy teasing you.  I love how easy it is to tease you while you are in chastity because you always get so desperate for me to release you.  Just a hour in a chastity cage is agonizing for you.  You may question me, how am I going to make you even more miserable?  How will I make you beg me for me to release you?

I’m going to play with your ass.   You are such a horny anal slut.  You love it.  You fucking love me shoving my fingers deep inside you.  Although fingering your boi pussy while you are locked up will be even more fun. 

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Hooked on a dick Phonesex

Kinky Penny 844-332-2639 ext. 412

You have been hiding long enough from everyone, your friends, your family, even your co-workers. Enough is enough. Get out of that mindset. Lets go dress up in sexy dresses and put on pretty high heels, and go shopping for makeup, lingerie, purses, and of course more shoes.

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I Found Out About His Secret Club Phonesex

sissy boy daddy sex club phone sex


1-866-239-2972                         1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

At lunch with a friend, when he opens his wallet to pay the bill, and this eye-catching pink and blue card with big letters DSB club falls out on to the table. I, of course, pick it up and look at it and it says nothing more than that. He finishes handing his credit card to the waitress and takes the colorful card from my fingers. “What is that?” I asked. He only smiled as he placed it back into his wallet.

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An Evening of Phonesex Feminization Begins

He promised me a wonderful afternoon, kissing my cheek while he helped me on with my coat. I had already taken steps to ensure that it was going to be far more wonderful than he expected. My new sissy boyfriend thought that his secret was going to stay sealed behind our bedroom doors but I had other plans.

As we entered the nail salon he put on his indulgent boyfriend voice, teasing with the ladies that he would be waiting in lounge while I had my nails done. Before he could walk away I told the technician that he would be joining me instead. In her broken English she sounded even more confused when I told her I wanted a full set of acrylic nails in pink flamenco for my date. He blushed but the smile that tremored on his lips undermined his protests. I pushed him in to the chair and heavily tipped the lady to do a good job and give him the full treatment.

As I got my own nails done it was a joy to watch my sissy boyfriend settle in to the process I watched his mannerisms become more feminine with each passing moment. The ladies all giggled at how beautiful his nails turned out and teased him that he would find some handsome men that evening. The sparkle in his eyes was reward enough but we still had a few more stops on our evening of feminization.





Sweet Spunky Jassy Makes Me Smile Phone Sex

Darling little Jasmine has come so far so fast. Watch Jassy blossom into a sassy spirited eager sissy girl has given me untold pleasure. She came to me such a dear repressed little girl, it didn’t take talking to her very many times for me to see my little Jassy crying to be released from her male prison. Her sweet compliments were always a bright spot in my day. A woman never tires of hearing how beautiful she is.  Then my little darling took that very first step into the beautiful multicolored world of her sissyhood.

No, I wasn’t the first to see this vivid little bird but I like to think that I will play my part in setting her free. She is a vivacious spunky yet obedient and devoted little thing. She discovered right from the start that while I am encouraging and sensual I am also very strict. When I give a command I expect it to be obeyed and have little patience with excuses or failure.

We still have many strides left to take but I must say I am thoroughly pleased with Jassy’s efforts and eager obedience with which she accomplishes her tasks. Her darling voice and adorable giggle is so endearing, I hear it all over her how happy my little Jassy is to be free of her male costume. Keep up the excellent work Jassy you have made your Mistress proud.

Mistress Sadie




Sissy Humiliation Phonesex- It’s for you’re own good

Look at me sissy. You see these tits? These tits are golden; the tits of the year; the tits to beat. And do you have them? No!

You are going to be destined to wear those ridiculous falsies, and that’s it! You can’t imitate true beauty so don’t even try.

Sissy, you’re ridiculous! Get on your knees like a good slut and suck my 9″ dick, just like the cum whore you wish you could be.

If I were you, I’d tuck that little clitty away too before you poke someone!


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Lace or Silk? Phonesex

So sissy… what will it be?

Nice, lacey bra and matching panties? Lace all over that little clitty and that nice plump sissy ass? How about black sexy lace for the bad girl in you, or nice pretty white lace for the angelic girl you pretend to be.

Or perhaps silk is your thing? Do you like the way it feels over that clitty of yours? Does it make your clitty hard, and tempt you to rub it? Do you like the way the light shines off of your titties in that satiny smooth, crimson red bra, when you’re posing in front of that mirror?

So, sissy… what will it be? Lace, or silk?

Mistress Kristin


Mistress Cory Makes Her Phonesex Sissy Slut Suck It

Get down on your knees, sissy slut. A good slut always opens her mouth nice and wide for any big cocks needing a good suck. Open nice and wide, say aaaah and take a slap or two in the face from that big meaty shaft.

Do you like chocolate cocks, slut? Mmmm you are a good little sissy whore. Take that tongue and work your way all around that nice juicy suck stick, and then wrap your lips around that mushroom head, just like you know he likes.

I want your hands tied behind your back, and I want to see all that lipstick smeared on that cock by the time we’re finished. Open wider, slut! Take all that cock into the back of your mouth, and don’t stop. I want to hear you monaning with pleasure, gagging on that big dick– hell I want to see tears running down your cheeks as he slams it in you. You’re going to be my little cum dumpster *grins*

Now be a good slut, and call Mistress Cory to show her your sissy cock sucking skills.

Mistress Cory


Making A Perfect Phone Sex Sissy


Ms. Elaine
Ms. Elaine

Sissy, I know you can be better than that!  Just look at your attire!  Unmatched eyeshadow, blush way too dark, and who taught you to put on fake eyelashes?  Even your clothing does not match each other properly!  I’ll tell you what sissy boi, I’ll teach you how to be a proper girl. 

Makeup technique, bias cuts verses un bias, find your skin tone to match your coloring, how to put on fake nails and use nail polish properly, the correct way to put on stockings and how to give the perfect blowjob to make any man jizz down that pretty throat! 

It takes time and patience for perfection.  If you have what it takes to be schooled under Me, then give it a shot girlie boy!  I am a perfectionist and I expect only the best from My students. 

Ms. Elaine