Darling Sissy Phone Sex

Darling Red Head Wearing Pink Lingerie Sitting On Chair

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My darling sissy is perfect. She is so obedient and completes whatever task that I give her. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard an excuse come out of her pretty mouth. She lives to please me. Always showing me the sexy lingerie that she buys. She even brings me with her when she completes her tasks to make sure that she’s meeting my expectations.

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Shopping Slave Phonesex

sexy young brunette indian wearing leather skirt and high heels

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One of the good things about having a sissy worship me is making them my shopping slave. They follow me around and let me pick out the girliest lingerie and clothes for them to wear. In return, they carry all our purchases and wait on me hand and foot while I’m trying on my own clothes.

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Vanessa’s A Sissy in Paris Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I absolutely adore my sissy boys. They are my go-to for “girls night out” when my husband is away on business travel. They are a guaranteed good time. Therefore, when I was planning my recent shopping trip, who else would I want but my best “girlfriend” Trevor or “Tyra” as he likes to refer to himself.

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Sissy Boy Learns How To Find A Bra Phone Sex


My little sissy and I went shopping last night, we had to find that silly sissy some bras. Once we got to the store though my little sissy told me she didn’t know how to pick out her size. 🙁 Oh dear that is no good I told her, time to find the sales lady! *giggles*

Once we had the sales lady I asked her to please measure my little sissy here for a bra size. After looking my sissy over with a disgusted look she finally began. Wow little sissy wears a 38C. What will we fill that bra cup with once we get home? Hmm…tissues, paper towels, silicon inserts, socks, panties…The possibilities are endless. I suppose the first step would be to purchase our bras first.

We bougth two from that store and proceeded to the next store. I felt my little sissy needed some more humiliation so at the next store I again asked the sales lady to help us find the right size for my little sissy! *giggles* We went to 4 different stores that day! What a great shopping trip!

Sissy Shopping Guide Laylene




Tis the Season for Phone Sex Shopping

Strip Tease Ms. Elaine
Strip Tease Ms. Elaine


Oh yes sissy sluts!  Tis the season for sales and shopping – two of My favorite things next to pounding some slutty man pussies.

Once your exhausted from shopping, I’m going to have My way with you!  Oh yes!  You are going to put on a performance just for Me.  Mmmhmmmm a sexy pre-Christmas strip tease and tease Me properlymissy!  Done just right and you will get a nice big reward – My strap on in that tight man pussy.  Oh how you will tremble as I push it in and how you will gasp at it’s enormous size. 

Hold on tight dear – it’s going to be a rough ride! 🙂

Ms. Elaine



If you wish to buy something for Me for Christmas you can find My wish list here:



Sissy Boy Phone Sex Make-Up Session

   Today my sweet little sissy boy, we are going to give you a makeup make over. We will be going to the local mall where we can use the makeup counter. I am so excited, come on sissy get in the car. Once, we get to the mall we stop by Boscov’s first. This store is a very high end store and they have the best makeup.

   Sit on the chair sissy boy and close your eyes. First, I begin by finding a nice liquid foundation, that will bring out the inner beauty you have. Next it is time for the powder foundation, we want all those blemishes covered, sissy you can not be seen with blemishes! Taking a step back I look at your face, ok sissy open those eyes and let me take a look at you. Hmmm…I got it, ok close those eyes again. I watch as the bypassers glance and sometimes stare. I know they are asking themselves what the hell is she doing to that man? If they only knew that you enjoy this sissy boy, wouldn’t they be shocked. *laughs* Who cares what they think you are beautiful to me. *smiles*

  I have chosen a very nice white stick eyeshadow, now as I apply it I tell you do not open those eyes because the eyeshadow needs a second to dry. As we wait for your white eyeshadow to dry I apply a rose colored blush to give your cheeks that hint of color, which they lack! Sissy boy I must admit you are making a very nice girl so far. We have a long way to go though. Open those eyes little girlie boy, as I apply the black eyeliner, you get your first glimpse of the bypassers and their stares. I see your cheeks getting red and that is not the blush. *laughs* The truly funny thing is you enjoy the humiliation of it all!

   Ok, girlie boy we need one more thing to complete your makeup then it will be off to the lady’s department for some skirt and blouse fittings. Pucker your lips like so, I apply a bright red lipstick to your lips. Now, sissy blow an air kiss. Perfect!! Come on now let’s pay for your make-up and go find some girl clothes for you!

  Are you a lonely little sissy boy who would love a shopping trip? Give Mistress Laylene a call!





Phone Sex Best Friends



I want to go shopping with my phone sex sissy girlfriend. We can pick out all sorts of sexy girlish things. Get our nails and hair done, and then go have lunch.

It’s always so much fun sitting in the salon having girl talk while we spoil and pamper ourselves ~giggles~

Are you ready to my beautiful sissy girlfriend? We can be best friends for life and buy lots of gorgeous outfits, then model them off for each other once we get home. I might want to play with your sissy pussy though ~giggles~ We’re both girls, don’t be shy!

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!



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What Are Little Panty Boys Made Of Phone Sex


   Lingerie, nylons, red lipstick

   Stilettos, panties, and hair styles,

   Shopping trips, Salon Days, and Flirtatious nights.

  These are the things women do, what do you do as a man? Wish and hope to be able to have a list such as this someday? Your wait is over panty boy and women want to be’s everywhere. Allow MissLaylene to show you how to put your best feminine foot forward and begin the journey of womanhood.

  Not sure you want to become a woman permanently, just like to dress in lingerie? Not a problem I have tons of ideas and clothes to make you feel more sexy and seductive. Come play at my lingerie playground and see what you have been missing.

Miss Laylene



Phone Sex Girlie Camp With Sexy Latina Miss. Tessa!!

Hola por ahi a todos mis animales domésticos putositas adorables!
¡Hoy  van a aprendecómo ser un porrista hermosa, putona, asi como yo! asi es mi mariquita pathetica, te voy a ensechar como hechar porras para aque chicos que queremos cojer bien rico, como tu saves mascotita a todas las porritas nos gusta putiar con todos los del equipo, nos encantan las vergas bien grandes, gordas y bien duras, entre mas grander y duras mejor. Asi que si quieres ser como yo mariquita, tienes que llamarme y aprender todo lo que Miss Tessa te ensena, empesando por ensenarte a saber usar ese uniforme que nos have parecer putas, pero nos hace pareser mas coquetas, tu sabes putiar que nos gusta siempre ser muy femeninas y putiar a todas horas.

Llamame esta noche mariquita putona y ven a porrear con migo


Tessa loves her pets!!! *giggles*


Heii there my adorable pets!

Today your going to learn how to be a beautiful, slutty, cute cheerleader such as myself! That means lots and lots of traing for such a pathetic pet like you, this could take awhile! *giggles* Well first off I’ll have to teach you how to be girlie, ovbiously your going to need to love the color pink! *giggles* Second I’m going to need to take you shopping with me to buy cute lace panties and awesome new slutty outfits! *giggles* But before we do all that you need to pay your dues, we all did to get to the top. You’ll have to wash my panties and cheerleader outfit. And you’ll have to prove to me how well you can suck a big fat cock.

Give me a call my pet, I’ll teach you the right way how to be girlie!


Your Latin phone sex teen queen,

Miss.Tessa <3




** Voice Sample Espanish and English **



Shopping Fun And Party Time Phone Sex

Well, come on there little sissy boy, Let’s not waste any time. Today we shall go shopping for a nice outfit for you to wear to My party tonight. You will be the star of the show. 🙂 Where shall we go? I know the perfect place. We will need to get you a sexy dress for the night, along with some nylons, panties, a bra and heels.

We will also need to find you a wig and I can do your make up. I think that should just about do it. So when we get to the store, I send you to the sales woman to ask if she could help you find the right size of dress. I want you to explain to her why you need a dress (for our party tonight). 🙂 Her jaw drops and she just stares, however, she still helps you because it is her job.

We have about 8 dresses for you to try on, in the ladies changing room of course. Finally, after a long time of thinking I decide on the sexy navy blue mini dress with the rhinestone chains going across the back. So we head over to the nylon and shoe department for the remainder of our items.

Again, you must ask the saleswoman to help you find the size you will need. Again she gives you a look of disgust making your cheeks get pink.

Want to finish our shopping trip, then I can tell you all about our party.