Multi Girl Play!

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Look through all the profiles of all the sexy women on this site. God, they are gorgeous, aren’t they? Olivia’s body is unreal! Perfect tits for her frame. That hair is super cute, and you just know a woman like that could break you! What about Alyssa? Her body is so tight, and that coy, knowing smile? She’ll definitely take advantage of your weak points. Don’t even get me started on Lucy! Those tits are just made to smother in, and that body language really tells you that she’s in charge! Rowan, one look at her, and you know she’s down for the filthiest things she can come up with, and all the boys want to push their boundaries with her! GOD, I get wet just thinking about Torrence! I literally can’t go into her profile while I’m working because I will stop everything I’m doing right there to get off. Multi girl play has always been my fave! So which will it be? Who do you think is the hottest? And who are we going to play with first?!

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Late Night Phone Sex

Are you sitting there all alone, wondering what you are going to do for the rest of the night? Contemplating about having some fun. Maybe even trying something new.. Well.. Come try phone sex with me, guaranteed to be a one in a million experience! I will blow your mind, and your load before you even know what hit you. Why not try something new? Im completely discrete so no one will ever know that you rendezvoused with a Tranny. Come take a walk on the wild side, don’t keep me waiting any longer.




Hiding your clitty Phone Sex

Thats what all good little sissy sluts do.. Hide those tiny little clittys they have!! Want me to teach you how to make it disappear?

Let me show you how its done, I can give you a step by step guide on how to make yourself girlier!!! I’m writing a manual for all of you pathetic sissy on making yourself into a better little sissy slut! Message me for more information! I would love to help you achieve what I have!

Let me teach you my secrets.



Because I Said So… Phone Sex


Do you really think you can resist me!!?? I don’t think you have what it takes to resist my charms, I just love toying with pathetic little sissy’s just like you.. Controlling them and making them submit to my every whim.

So what are you waiting for? I will help you fulfill all of your kinky dreams and desires. Just sit back, and watch the transformation take effect.. You will be amazed at how well I am able to get into your head and manipulate you into doing exactly what i want.. when i want it…

Come Play



How to train a Phone Sex Sissy

Well, first you need to call (Obvious)

Then you need to completely clear your head of all the negative thoughts..
Surrendering to the Lady on the other end of the phone..

Giving in to your Desires..

Let your inner Sissy Flow.

The biggest part of transforming into a sissy, is..

You have to quit caring what everyone around you thinks..

You will be judged.. But let your Sissy Shine Through!!
Call Me..

I will help you through your transformation, Through the questions.. and concerns..

I’m Here For You..

<===3 <===3 <===3




Are you having troubles accepting the fact that you are a Sissy? Do you need some help accepting what you really are?

Come have a therapy session with me, we can discuss all of your problems, and I can help you embrace your inner sissy girl. Don’t be afraid im totally on your side, and I won’t judge you..

You will find that A therapy session with me is just what you have been needing to calm all those silly fears you have about your sexuality. I have my very own experiences  I can share with you..  Would you like to be able to relate to someone finally? To get some things off your chest?

Call me, lets talk.



Sissy Potion Phone Sex.. Warning Side Effects May Be Permanent

So, I was looking online late last night, and I found the perfect thing for you, its this Lotion, and on the bottle it says XXX Caution XXX.. Will transform you into a Sissy Girl.

Well, i thought i needed to read up on this a little more.. It seemed pretty interesting…

So, you take this lotion and you rub it ALL over your body, and then you slowly watch every trace of your manhood dissapear... You hair grows longer, you cock turns into a clitty and your balls invert themselves making you the prettiest little tight cunt imaginable… Then your titties begin to grow, now how much lotion you apply results in how long or big things get… keep that in mind.

Now, once you apply this lotion the effects last 24 hours.. UNLESS you have get or let a guy cum inside you.. then you will stay a woman for good.

Sound Fun?? Come Play with me we can try it out!


Teaching you to be just like me.. Phone Sex

Lets see if you have what it takes to be like me, I can teach you anything you want to know.. and i do mean ANYTHING… All you have to do is be serious about learning everything there is to know about being a perfect little sissy slut.
I cant promise that you will look as good as me ~*~GRINS~*~ BUT I can promise that i will make you into that perfect little sissy slut that you have always dreamed of being!

Amazing huh?

Call me, lets get started on fulfilling your dreams.



Phonesex Mommy & Phonesex Daughter

How cute , I think I love you like that with my panties all up on you stroking your cock with the nice feeling of the silk on your clit. ~giggles~ Yes you know what Me and my very best friend’s Mommy Muffy would love for you to be dressed up in her purple panties and my black and white corset with some stockings and some sexy stilettos. Then Mommy Muffy will force you to suck her wonderful strap on while I fuck you with my strap-on.. ~giggles~ want to be sissified with Mommy Muffy and her daughter Brandi well then you better call us.

Daughter Brandi


Mommy Muffy


Miss Tessa Has Sissy Phone Sex Training For You

Hola Mariquita putona!!, tengo una seria the tareas para ti, se que te encantara, por que la Srita Tessa sabe cuanto te gusta la puteria.

Primero te vestire y te pintare como toda una puta barata que eres, luego te mandare a trabajar fichando por que te encanta la cojedera de vergas y lamer panochas, tines que traerme el gasto Putita sucia.

Los verstidos que tengo para ti son muy sexy, likra que se aguataran a tu cuerpo como una segunda piel, y una sapatilla de tacon muy alta para que realce esas piernas, claro!! te depilare esas piernas que tienes tan bellogas y las dejaremos como pompis de bebe!! *me estremesco*

Asi que lo sabes Mariquita barata, llamame hoy que te mandare a putear my rico !!!

Llama a la Srita Tessa esta noche,


Hello there my slutty sissy!!

I think is time for you to make some money for Miss Tessa! I know how much you love to suck cock! I bet your sissy hole is wet already.

I have a tight slutty pink dress for you and a lot of make up and of course your favorite 6″ heels. Lets shave those legs and leave them all soft and girlie *giggles*

Grab your phone sissy slut and call Miss Tessa tonight! You might get lucky, I just might save some time for my pathetic slutty sissy. *giggles*

♥ Tessa ♥

 866 672 5536