Phonesex Mistress Cory’s Sissy Training Program

Ever wonder what a sissy training session with Mistress Cory is like? I always take great care of my sissies and make sure they get the best sissy training.

I make sure my sissies are very obedient and check in with me regularly. My sissies must be very devoted to their training and should show their devotion to their Goddess. 

I also make sure they are always dressed in their finest girlie attire and looking fabulous. A sissy must look as girlie on the outside as well as in.

As a devoted Mistress, I believe in giving assignments to my sissies. The content and nature of these assignments are sure to make you feeling more girlie than you have ever felt.

I do enjoy imparting my knowledge of being a woman to my sissies, and would love to share all the tips and tricks used in pleasuring the female body. My techniques will be sure to make you connect with your inner woman, and will help you to achieve the best orgasm you ever thought possible.

Now, sissy. Call me and enroll yourself in Mistress Cory’s Sissy Training Program.


Pink Lipgloss Covered Cock Phonesex


Dear sissy, you looked so cute with that pink lipgloss on your plump little pink lips!

The way you ran your lips down that shaft and smeared it all on that cock was enough to make a man cum! MMMM

Oh sissy, I am so glad you have let me take you under my wing, and there’s plenty more I can teach you, if you’ll only trust me and my devious ways 😉

Mistress Kristin is here to show you the ways of being a HOT little teen slut, and everything that cums with it 😉

Mistress Kristin

Mistress Cory Makes Her Phonesex Sissy Slut Suck It

Get down on your knees, sissy slut. A good slut always opens her mouth nice and wide for any big cocks needing a good suck. Open nice and wide, say aaaah and take a slap or two in the face from that big meaty shaft.

Do you like chocolate cocks, slut? Mmmm you are a good little sissy whore. Take that tongue and work your way all around that nice juicy suck stick, and then wrap your lips around that mushroom head, just like you know he likes.

I want your hands tied behind your back, and I want to see all that lipstick smeared on that cock by the time we’re finished. Open wider, slut! Take all that cock into the back of your mouth, and don’t stop. I want to hear you monaning with pleasure, gagging on that big dick– hell I want to see tears running down your cheeks as he slams it in you. You’re going to be my little cum dumpster *grins*

Now be a good slut, and call Mistress Cory to show her your sissy cock sucking skills.

Mistress Cory

Phonesex Girl Time With Kristin

Mmmm summer‘s here and what a better time to dress my sissies up in cute skimpy outfits and take them out!

We need to make sure we go to the salon and get our pedicures done, so we look super cute in sandals! We’ll do our nails, get our eyebrows shaped and maybe even go tanning… Don’t want any tan lines when we’re wearing different bathing suits on the beach!

Let’s get all dolled up and make the boys go crazy over us… and maybe we’ll do some naughty things to them 😉

What do you think, sissy girlfriend? Let’s have some girl time!


Watch Your Wife Get Fucked, Phonesex Sissy

So, my little sissy slut. What are we going to do with you? You don’t please your wife anymore, because you confine yourself to your basement and call phonesex Mistresses in the wee hours of the night. Tsk tsk, now who is going to take care of your wife’s needs?

I think she deserves to be pleasured and made to cum, don’t you? I want you to watch as your wife gets pleasured, as you know you can’t. But it’s not that simple. I, your Mistress, am going to oversee the situation, and make sure you are treating her with the proper respect.

I want you to be her fluffer. You will suck those big cocks and make sure they’re nice and hard, and dripping with precum for your wife. You will grab hold of those thick meaty shafts and place them at your wife’s beautiful pussy and make sure they go in nice and deep. You will watch as she is pleased and play with her nipples as she cums.

At last, sissy. You wife is satisfied, as she should be. And we will make sure she gets her regular fucking, as we know you are not capable of such feats.

Mistress Cory