Hot New Toys For My Sissy Boys Phone Sex

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I think you all know how much I love my sissy boys. And to say thank you to you guys for being so good to me and spoiling me, I’ve added some new toys for you little sluts to play with to my red room. I think you’re going to be really excited for our sissy phone sex calls now – even more so than normal.

I don’t always incorporate pain into my sissy calls, but I have really been craving that lately. So, to satiate myself, I bought a new paddle. It has some spikes on it! Don’t worry, they aren’t super sharp. But those blunt pointy edges are going to hurt when I am spanking your sissy ass. Hey, they might even leave a few bruises on your delicate backside. I want you to think about me every time you sit down for a few days after we play…

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Darling’s Turn To Phone Sex Shine

“Sissy Darling” I called out from the living room to hear my sissy maid answer “Coming Mistress” in her high falsetto voice. Mincing towards me in her shiny pink heels and pale pink demure dress she came and knelt before me as she had been trained to do. “I want you to have drinks and hor ‘dourves prepared for my guest’s arrival in an hour.”  “Yes Mistress” she dipped her head in obedience then kissed the toe of each of my shoes before taking herself to the kitchen.

As my guests arrived “Darling” circulated among the guests with her tray of cocktails making sure every guest had one. Then came time for the evening’s entertainment, my sissy maid came and kneeled in the floor setting before her a tray of various sex toys, dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, gags, handcuffs all laid out neatly. Each guest was allowed to take one of the toys and order the girl to do something with it. What happened? You know I can’t give you the full story here but sissy if you would like to know or star in my next gathering you may call me and we will begin your training.



Phonesex Sexpert Cory Teaches You About Dildos

When it cums to dildos and vibrators, why not ask Mistress Cory.

I am a sex toy expert, and have much experience with all the different kinds of toys out there!

What are you looking for? Soemthing realistic, that looks just like that cock and balls that you think about when you rub your clitty?

Or how about something that vibrates, because why not- it feels so good in our pussies and you know it!

Or how about something nice and big and chocolate coloured!? You know you love to suck on that cock and make it nice and wet before sliding it into that little pussy of yours!

So why not ask Mistress Cory, the sexpert, and she will teach you all there is to know about toys, and anything else you have questions about.

Mistress Cory

Phonesex Mistress Cory Went Sex Toy Shopping for her Sissies

Well, it’s a new month and I just couldn’t help myself- I logged onto and did a little sex toy shopping! (and by a little, I mean a lot!) I filled up that cart with, oh, 18 items. I just couldnt pass up some of the deals, and knew I just had to have all the newest toys.

But I didn’t forget to keep my sissies in mind and I wasn’t too selfish this time around. I bought a nice new strapon with a purple dong for my little sissy sluts. I just can’t wait to penetrate that boy-pussy of yours.

And, I bought a nice big 12″ double-ended dildo for me and my sissy to share. I just know that this item will get a lot of use. I want to teach my sissy sluts how to take it in their lil boy pussy, and what better way than to go through with it at the same time. I want our butts touching, back to back while we get our pussies filled by this big cock. See, didn’t your mommy always teach you to share!?

And another exciting item; the Accomodator. If you haven’t seen these, they’re just fabulous! It allows my sissy slaves to wear it on their heads and fuck me with it, while licking my sweet pussy at the same time. A good sissy slave must learn how to pleasure her Mistress before she gets to cum.

As for the others, well you will just have to call and find out what I have in store for you. I just can’t wait to share my toys with you and teach you how to be just like Cory.

Mistress Cory