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Loser Fag Boys,

It’s time for you to come serve me.  I am sure by now you realize it’s your sole purpose in life. You’ve belonged to me ever since you tried on your first pair of panties.   You are are NOTHING without me, your Mistress.  If you are good and serve me well, I will reward you how ever I deem  fit. If you displease me…..  Well lets just say, I have ways of making you wish you were never born.

Mistress Sherry,


Sissy Maid Phone Sex


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I needed a butler to serve me, but when the applicant arrived he was much to girlish for a butler. So I directed him to the bedroom where he dressed up in my perfect little sissy maid outfit. Pink shoes, white stockings, pink dress and apron. Then I completed the look with lipstick, a wig and of course some sexy sheer panties.

I had my sissy maid serve both myself and my girlfriend, but she was a naughty maid and spilled the tea. Well I of course had to bend her over the table and punish her with my riding crop in front of my friend. Once she was bent over like that with her ass all red and her little pussy hole getting wet, I decided to use the special toys my friend brought over.

I fucked her slutty cunt right there over the table and watched as my girlfriend filled up her mouth with that big strapon cock. We fucked our little bitch so hard until that clitty came all over the table…. I may have to have her over for a second interview soon.

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So You Want to Call Me Your Phonesex Mistress?

Too many of you sissy boys cum into our chat room and immediately address me as Mistress Erica.  You may think it’s some sort of compliment – but in fact, I find it rather insulting.  Do you think it’s so easy, to be my slave?  That all you need is an inclination to serve, and I will accept you and take responsibility for you on the spot?

Nooo, sweetie.  If you want to experience the divine pleasure of calling me Mistress and serving my every desire, I will need a sincere show of devotion from you.  My girly boys work very hard to satisfy my twisted whims, and I reward them generously for their efforts.

If you want to earn the privilege of calling me Mistress, you will of course have to call me.  I will select a pair of my prettiest panties with you in mind, and I’ll tell you what nasty things I’m going to do in them.  Then you must tell me what you will do with them, afterwards.  If your answer pleases me, I will consider your application as one of my slaves.

Until then, you’re just another pansy fapping in his panties…and it’s Miss Erica to you, babe.

Miss Erica


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