Sissy Shopping Spree Phonesex

MISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext. 262

I do so adore to go shopping with my sissies! But before we go, I invite them to choose some fabulous outfit from my walk-in closet of designer clothes and explore also my lingerie closet.

How you love to feel those sexy, lacy, pretty, naughty pieces of silk and satin on your body, the panties hugging your little boy pussy so sensuously, my bra, with breast forms in it, the wonderful weight of having big luscious breasts is so exciting and sexy! And once I am finished doing your hair and makeup–VA VA VOOM! You look amazing, darling.

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Your New Teen Mistress Phonesex

Do not be deceived by my age and innocent face. Do not doubt my ability to dominate your effeminate ass. My body might be cute and petite, but you’ll still find yourself hypnotized by my slender legs and round teen ass. You see my short, tight clothes with their girly colors and patterns, and you see the you that you never explored when you were younger.

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Swapping Panties Forced Sissy Phonesex, p. 3

Swapping Panties Forced Sissy Phonesex, p. 2

Petra la Reina Phone Sex

I give you a sweet smile. Your response is satisfactory. I kiss you again, savoring your taste as my hand rubs your little cock through my panties. Your head falls back again as you let the pleasure roll over you. Who knew it would actually be hot to throw on women’s underwear and a dress at the request of a smoking hot Latina? You ponder, your cum building up in your smooth nut sack.

It’s about then that you notice I’m no longer standing with you; I’m kneeling in front of you, and I order you to lift your dress and show me your panties like a slut. You oblige, of course. You would be crazy not to!

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Swapping Panties Forced Sissy Phonesex, p. 2

Swapping Panties Forced Sissy Phonesex, p. 2
Call tu Reina, Petra
844-332-2639 ext. 318

Your eyes widen at my request. “Put on your clothes, Reina?” You look at black lace dress and black bralette, and then down to your crotch. Your little penis twitches from within my thong panties, and you wonder why it’s response to my request is to dribble precum and create a wet spot on the fabric. It’s one thing to put on women’s underwear, you try to rationalize your erection. It’s a totally different thing to wear women’s clothing. I’m not some fag!

You’re about to deny me my request when I say, “Put on those clothes, or I’m not fucking you.”

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