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He thought to stroll the beach, several hours of daylight still hung in the multicolored sky as the sun slowly made its descent. He needed some space to clear his head. So many new changes were happening in his life all at once, and even though he felt as though he was drowning on dry land.

The still-warm sand squished between his toes as he listened to the waves lapping at the shore. The tide was slowly returning, and he wondered what mysteries lie beneath the ocean’s massive surface. However, as he neared the end of the beach where the water met the rocky seawall, he would soon come face to face with one of the ocean’s most magical mysteries.

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Poker Night Sissy Sting Operation Phone Sex

Red Head In Black And White Poker Dress Leaning On Wall At Sissy Sting

~Idun~ 844-332-2639 ext 369

A terrible man made the stupid choice to fuck me over. Unfortunately for him, I knew all about the illegal Poker Nights he hosted. You are going to be the perfect sissy for this sting operation that will destroy his life. He will regret ever crossing me!

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Sissy Prom Phone Sex!

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

You have always wanted to dress up for prom. The ridiculous poofy sparkly dress with the fancy updo hairstyle. You probably went to your real prom dressed as a silly boy, huh? Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to host a Sissy Prom just so all the sissies can come and live out their dorky high school sissy fantasies.

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The Transforming Phone Sex Wish

transformed into a woman


1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

It was my friend’s birthday. As I set the cake in front of him, there was one very special gold candle surrounded by the ordinary small candles. I leaned over his shoulder and whispered in his ear “be very careful what you wish for this year.”

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment, then blew out all the candles. I saw the little golden spark fly up into the air from the center gold candle and knew that his wish was about to come true. I kissed him on the cheek and wished him a happy birthday, he smiled up at me and asked me why I was acting so strangely. I just smiled back and told him I couldn’t wait to see what he had wished for.

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Gasing Up & Transforming Phone Sex

You all remember when you where younger how when you had a surgery or dental work done and they gave you the laughing gas, which made you a little loopy? Well, thanks to a lovely little sissy I had a great idea. We are going to lay you down on this massage table and put this nasal mask over your face.

I lean over you as I whisper for you to breath slow deep breaths for me and count backwards from 10…slowly your numbers become a bit more slurred and your eyes heavier. Once I have you completely under I am going to transform you from a pathetic looking male figure into a beautiful little sissy.

This transformation will take some time though, as we have lots to do and I am sure I could use some help from a girlfriend or two to roll you side to side so we can dress you. If you like the thought of having no control, waking up and being transformed then you need a session with the Doctor. *giggles*

*Divine Laylene*


Transformation Central

Come Walk With Me Phone Sex

You hate walking around as a man and you and I both know it. Come with me little boy and let’s show you what it’s like to be a lady. Beginning with a nice form fitted skirt, pantyhose, a pretty blouse, a wig and some makeup.

Then we can go to the mall and get manicures together. Don’t be nervous I will be beside you every step of the way holding your hand if need be, leading you to the ultimate end point. The point when you become a very lovely lady.

You won’t be worrying about bulges or ties for much longer, next thing on your mind will be panties, bras and makeup. How does your hair look? Is that a run in your nylons?

Are you ready? Let’s begin  your new walk together.

*Divine Laylene*


Begin Your Walk With Me

Stuffing My Thanksgiving Sissy Phone Sex Turkey

My little slut wanted to have a Thanksgiving day party, at first I wasn’t so sure I as in the mood to deal with lots of guests but then I got the brilliant idea that My little slut would host the party, serve the guests and much more. Between the slut and myself we had a nice little array of food to offer our guests.

I reminded little slut what he needs to do to keep the guests happy…full glasses and empty trousers. I have never seen his cheeks so red before, oh yes little whore you wanted a party, and you are going to end up being the main dish. Such a sweet little slut dressed in that Indian costume you are going to be stuffed like a turkey tomorrow at the party. LoL

Want to see what happened you better give me a call so I can tell you all the details or better yet I can make your little sissy ass relive it!

*Divine Laylene*


Gobble Gobble Sluts

This Week’s Phonesex Contest Winners

Congrats to our winners this week! We wanna thank all the voters and to show our thanks, we have prizes yet again!

The winner of the FREE 15 Minute Call goes to… sissyboi !
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Congrats you two, and thanks for voting!
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This is how I do it… Phonesex

I have always had this vision in my head about how I like to handle my sissies… it goes something like this:

I walk over to you, taking my long, slow strides in high heels and lingerie ensemble. You lower your head, peeking up at me, looking intimidated as ever.

I grab your arm, spin you around and push your head down. Just when you are bent in the perfect 90 degree angle, I strap on my nice 8″ cock.

I grab those lace panties and pull them to the side and thrust into your little sissy fuck hole.

I take a pair of pantyhose and wrap them around your neck, pulling on you to hear you thank me. I am agressive with you, but you cry for more.

Do you think you could handle my vision? Sorry if it’s a little too aggressive, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in Cory’s World…

Mistress Cory


Bend Over Sissy Phone Sex

It’s time to bend over sissy bitch. You’re all dolled up and I just know that your tight twat is aching to be filled up by my large shiny toy. I’m going to push it into you, deeper and deeper while I spread your legs as far apart as I can. You’re going to practice your girly voice. Your girly-getting-fuckedvoice. I want to hear it as I pound you and stretch your rosebud sissy cunt. Let me hear your dirty girl talk, maybe I’ll let your clitty cum if you make me proud of you.

Otherwise I’m just going to insert a butt plug, pull your panties up over you ass and make you sit there like that until I decide otherwise.



Milf Denise

PhoneSex Candy Denise