Bratty Maddi’s Revenge and Daddy’s Full Feminization Phonesex

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Now that I have seen the entire picture, I think it’s kinda ironic how you initially approached me being this tough Daddy wanting to take full control of me.  You wanted me to get super duper addicted to coke and to the extent where I do all sorts of dirty sexual acts.  You have even pimped me out to random strangers.

But you know what’s the ironic and kinda hot part Daddy?  That underneath it all, underneath all that toughness, I know that you’re nothing but a cock sucking faggot.  Since you didn’t give me much choice when you were conditioning me to be your bimbo coke whore, I’ve started hating you.  I’ve started hating you to the extent where I want to humiliate you 10x worse than how you humiliated me. 

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Sissy Hypnosis: The Phonesex Bully Cure

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The sissy hypnosis punishment of my friend’s son’s bully began this way. Walking up along my friend’s driveway, I couldn’t help but notice her son was sitting in his car crying. My heart broke for him immediately, he is such a good boy. Tapping on the window I asked him what was wrong. Of course, he at first said that nothing was wrong but it was hardly believable with his tear stained eyes and red nose.

Slipping into the passenger’s side, eventually, I was able to get him to tell me that a boy from his school had been picking on him. This bully took every opportunity to humiliate and harass him. Then and there I decided that I was not going to let this pass. Somehow, some way I would make him stop.

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Phone Sex Sissy Uncle Meets My Boyfriend & Friends

Hee hee, I knew what would happen when I told my over-protective, linebacker boyfriend about catching my uncle Mark in my bedroom going through my panty drawer. Ok yeah I might have acted a liiiiitttllleee bit more upset than I actually was and I might have added some things that technically didn’t happen to fan the rage a little but come on, can you blame me? The idea of my brick wall of a boyfriend totally forcing my panty loving sissy uncle to take his cock had had me all worked up ever since the night I caught Uncle Mark snooping in my panties.  

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