Forced Feminization Punishment by Mistress Noelle PHONESEX

Mistress Noel <3 1-844-332-2639 ext 379

Don’t pretend you’re a man around me.  We both know you aren’t.  Your over inflated ego proves that you’re just a pathetic loser to me.  There’s only one thing to do with you now.  Time for your Forced Feminization Punishment.

You can do everything I say, or I’ll find a way to ruin you.  I am going to turn you into the little bitch I know you are.  There’s not more pretending now.  You’ll dress how I tell you in exactly what I tell you or there will be consequences.  I promise you; you are not ready to face those consequences.

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Swinging Sissy Phone Sex

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

I installed a sex swing in my bedroom so that I could have more fun when I play with my sissy boys. I love bending them over and spanking them for not wearing their panties like I told them to! Now I’ll be able to spank their asses so hard that the sissies will go swinging whenever they disappoint me. I’m always thinking of new ways to force my sissies to be the most well behaved little bimbos for me.

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Sissy Punishment Phonesex with Mistress Collette

Mistress Collette  —  1-844-332-2639  ext 383

You might as well bow down before your Mistress you insignificant faggot whore,  I don’t think you even deserve to look me in the face.

First of all, I am going to dress you up and whore you out to any fucking horny guy that wants to pay me for your stretched out, used man pussy.

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Disobedience Gets You No Where Sissy Bitch Phone Sex

Ahhh again little miss crinklepants sissy with the itty bitty clitty can’t follow directions. This little slut was told I wanted new pictures of him in his cute little diapers a few nights ago and I still have yet to get my pictures. So, due to his obvious disobedience I now have to punish him.

When I explained his punishment to him before this all began he agreed it was fair. I told him I would post his email and pictures in my blogs so that you fellow reader could email him and tell him what a naughty little diaper wearing bitch he is and how he should NEVER disobey Miss Laylene! Think you little sissies can handle that for me? I am sure you can.

*Divine Laylene*


Sissies Want To Play?

All Boys Should Have Phone Sex Sissy Manners

You know there is nothing I hate more then when a boy comes into the chat room and doesn’t even get out his hello before he is demanding a link from you. Where are your manners at little boy, and yes that is all you are until you learn some damn manners.

Let me say that every little sissy I have come in contact with has always known their place and always used their manners. Geez I think these “normal” boys need to be taught a lesson. I think a good sound spanking would work, or possibly being dressed in panties to prove a point.

Maybe if I put these boys in panties and make them my little bitches they would have more respect for women in general. As you sissy boys know Princess and any other woman out there deserves the utmost respect at all times.

So, sissies I invite you to shoot me an email at and let me know how you think these rude little boys should be punished for their disrespect. Here is your chance to give your 2 cents to Princess.

*Divine Laylene*


My World

To Punish and Enslave Phone Sex

diaper sissy

Dear Mr. Crinkly Pants,

It is time for me to take contol and enforce your diaper enslavement.  I am going to put you in diapers and keep you in diapers to FORCE you to submit.

Make no mistake, this is not for you pleasure.  This is for for punishment. It is supposed to be humiliating, degrading and very very uncomfortable.  Full time diapers with absolutely NO toilet privileges. The perfect torture to put an arrogant, macho, chauvinist jerk,  like yourself  in your place. I can assure you, that you will never pester a woman with your little penis again. From now it stays trapped in it’s thick diaper prison, your erections ignored!



Phone Sex Shopping Trip For Sissy Sluts

  Well, there my little slut I have seen you in that same outfit for weeks now. It is time for a change! I have a new task for you. You will be going shopping tonight.

  When you get to the lingerie store I want a phone call, I am going to talk you through this process! You will tell me exactly what you are looking at and thinking of buying and I shall tell you if you are allowed to buy that or not!

  If anyone looks at you I want you to tell them your Mistress is on the phone and helping you pick out a slutty outfit to wear for her! You will do this because you know if you do not, there will be a punishment!

  Now, be a good little sissy slut and get in the car and go shopping for me. When you get there call your Mistress and let me help you shop. Then if you please me I might let you have some pleasure tonight.